Right Here, Right Now I’m Where I’m Supposed to Be

Yesterday, I received an email from mi mama telling me about how the apples needed picking from her tree out back.  I have to admit it gave me a little twinge of homesickness.  She has a lovely tree with spreading branches. In spring, the trees are covered with pretty white blossoms, that sometimes don’t last very long if a big Spring wind blows through.  Two years ago at this time SU and I were living with her and we helped pick all the apples and Mom and I bagged them up for freezing.  Mom would also make a lovely Apple Betty out of the fresh apples.  When one would get eaten up another one would miraculously appear it its place by the time we got home from work.

I love apples, they’re one of my favorite fruits.  And in the next month or so they will be cheap and plentiful in North America as the different varieties are harvested.  My favorites, next to fresh from the trees, are the orchard fresh from BC, any kind that hasn’t had the waxy preservative sprayed on them.  In Panama, apples are pretty expensive running at about 40-45 cents apiece.  And even then the quality of the fruit is hit and miss. A lot of them have a funky smell and taste to them that are difficult to get rid of without a good soak in vinegar and a scrubbing down.

We’re very lucky here, even though we don’t have apples, we have lots of other fruits that would be the envy of folks in North America.  Bananas are grown here are a staple in la casa, we can get them for about 10 cents each.  Our beautiful papayas continue to supply us with fruit every few days so we have a constant supply now.  Pineapples are only $1.00-$1.50 each depending on the size so we usually have one on the go.  Other fruits are available in season such as watermelon, native plums and passion fruit.  They cost less than half of what we would pay at home.  So, I guess we’re pretty lucky.

Yesterday, it was a rainy day and we were going to take a drive to Las Tablas after lunch to run a few errands.  We decided to stay home and watch “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” instead.  It was nice to have the choice and to watch the movie from beginning to end.  Sometimes, when I start thinking about the things I miss I have to take a step back and look at what I have.  With all the turmoil in the world now, we’re pretty lucky to have a tranquil life with little worries.  It made me think that I’m where I’m supposed to be now.  And life is pretty good in the campo.  Today I might just buy a few apples to celebrate.


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2 Responses to Right Here, Right Now I’m Where I’m Supposed to Be

  1. Lee Campbell says:

    Nice touch with the song, yes you are where you need to be. Its a little sad we are talking about fall because after fall comes winter. Having said that I think we are still waiting for summer here in Alberta. Its been a different sort of year and I await the arrival of 2014 so 2013 can be long gone.
    I don’t know if its coincidence or the universe is out of whack but so many families and friends are having hard times and not just financially.
    The nights are getting shorter its dark by 10:00 now, the big dipper is dipping and you see the northern lights dancing again. I like fall and in the county here the frames canola and wheat crops will soon be ready to harvest and they will be burning up their fields, dust on the horizon.
    I am missing you very much and do read your blog almost daily. Keep writing and I will keep reading. you have the touch and I am not saying that you are touched but…..Writing is your gift, gift it.


  2. indacampo says:

    Some days I feel just a tad “touched in the head” but most days are good days and they are busy and full.

    We had shooting stars here the other night, we saw them from the living room window as we were watching television. The Big Dipper is sometimes visible but the Earth needs to be aligned just right, it has to be really clear and then Eric can find it from the front porch.

    The farmers here are starting to harvest a bit of maize and they are planting their rice. Once the rice field in back of us grows a bit more I’ll go take some pictures. I hope that the Fall is a good one for Alberta because the Spring and Summer seem to have been a bit wonky.

    I think about you all every day and though I don’t yearn for home every day I miss you all. I’m not missing the thought of Winter though. 🙂 And I send a prayer out into the Universe that W will make it through everything. I know she is strong of spirit but sometimes the spirit needs a rest and I hope she’s looking after herself and not just others.

    And thank you for your encouraging words buddy. I know life has changed a bit for you and N the last year and I hope all is well. 🙂

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