So, Um Yeah…It’s Another Little Bits Day

Little bits are little things than float in and out of the ol’ cabeza when I’m pondering life and its intricacies:

Today we have another resplendent blue sky day and the butterflies are dancing everywhere.   When I woke I read the prayer that I posted yesterday.  There are so many good lines that I can’t single out one to focus on.  The prayer in its entirely holds the key to the day.  I think the page that I wrote it on in my journal is going get a little worn with time.

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I was thinking, just after my Spanish class began this morning, and mi Maestra de Español told me that she thought I had an ant bite under my eye, that it’s a good thing I have an excellent immune system.  Thank you wonky “no immunity allergic to everything” gene for skipping over me.  It puffed up to a beautiful pink but is not uncomfortable and I decided not to medicate myself with a dose of Benadryl.  And the weird thing was I didn’t feel a thing until she told me it was there.

I could wax poetic again about what a beautiful morning it was yesterday again.  But I’ll just send you to the link if you missed the whales.  There are not enough synonyms for beautiful to describe how lovely, stunning and gorgeous the sight was.

I’m thankful for leftovers.  I know, most people wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole but I really like leftovers for lunch.  I admire people who can make something out of nothing with leftovers.  I have an amiga that has a talent for it even though she calls her cooking “just plain” when she manages to whip up a lunch for four with leftovers.  Delightful.  I enjoyed my leftovers for lunch by myself today.  SU is off helping shift rocks around.  I bet he had a nice leftover lunch today too.

We had a little bit of a tremor here yesterday that caused some excitement in the burg.  It was enough to rattle some dishes but not enough to cause damage.  The quake originated off the coast of Columbia.

Published in La Prensa 13/08/13

Published in La Prensa 13/08/13

I admire fishermen.  Not just people like our friend who caught a 100 pound tuna yesterday, (Rob why aren’t you here fishing?), but also the fishermen that live in the burg and get out there every day in the pangas, rain or shine.  You’ve got to love being out on the water to be doing it every day.

I respect Dusty and El Gordo for taking in yet another little abandoned kitty they found out by the road.  They are trying to find a home for this little cutie.  I hope the little baby finds a forever home soon; she’d make a lovely little companion for someone.

We’re at a tough spot in our Spanish lessons.  I tell myself to be grateful that I can take the challenge head on.  I’m definitely not a natural language learner so it will come with time.  For now I feel that I’ve grown by leaps and bounds and though I may mangle a few things I can usually get my point across.  I’m also thankful for our teacher.  Just hearing her sparkling laugh makes my day.

I am appreciative of supportive friends.  I’m trying to stick to something new for 30 days and mi amiga brought me by some DVD’s while I was out this morning.  Gracias, gracias, gracias for holding me accountable.

I’m enjoying the exquisite quietness loud bass from gigantic speakers that’s begun booming from somewhere.  The gentle breeze blowing through la casa with the new screen doors that are amazingly good at keeping the bugs out and off of everything.   Despite the new noise, it’s time for a little rest in the campo before I tackle those DVD’s.  Oopie, silence again!


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