A Really Bad Picture of Riding Animals in the Azuero

Whilst a few of us were off shopping at the mall in Chitre we noticed a temporary kiosk.

It is a new electrical amusement ride that looks like real animals and plays music. There was one largish child riding across the mall on a leopard while we were there.  Apparently these things can hold over 200 lbs.

And this is a really bad picture of the animal corral, set up in front of the Madison Store sign:


These “ride em” toys cost between $500.00 to $800.00 each, and that’s a large investment for what I think is about 10 toys.  At a cost of $3.75 per ride, I don’t imagine the typical Panamanian family will be lining up.  Allowing the workers lots of time for texting and talking.


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7 Responses to A Really Bad Picture of Riding Animals in the Azuero

  1. Kris says:

    At $500 and $3.75/ride, that’s 134 rides to break even for one toy. It seems most people would rather spend their limited incomes on necessities so I don’t see this as a great business idea. But, who knows?

    • Emma says:

      the things panamanians choose to spend money on will never cease to amaze me… lol.

      • indacampo says:

        Yes, I know. The one child I saw riding didn’t look like he’d missed a meal though. 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, you voiced my opinion exactly. In a country where most people only make a couple of dollars an hour I don’t know how people can afford it. But like you say, who knows?

  2. I want one. I want one now. NOW.

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