Black and White

It’s a grey day again today.  The days of rain and grey cloud, at least in the morning, have seemed to drag on.  Most days by mid-afternoon the sun tries to come out.  It’s not enough to help cook the algae and moss that seems to want to take over the pisos or concrete surfaces that have gotten wet, but we’ve agreed it’s enough to lift our spirits.

My mind works in mysterious ways according to SU.  And today as I looked outside and heard the rumbles in the sky all I saw was black and white and shades of grey.  Oh, the green plants stand out in stark contrast to the sky and their surroundings but I wanted to see what everything was like in black and white.

Bandit Watching the Rain Black and White One Tree Black and White Trees Boomer Through the Window Black and White Clouds Black and White Palm and Birds Black and White View up the Calle Black and White

I prefer my world with color in it.  But today, black and white and shades between looks pretty good too.


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