Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection ~ What People Read on the Blog

The Daily Prompt is a project from WordPress.   There is a post or “prompt” published every day to encourage and give tips to other WordPress bloggers.  Today the challenge was to take a look at our statistics page, check our top 3-5 posts and explain why we think they’ve been successful. 

I don’t really look at my stats page other than to see how many visitors I’ve had that day and what country they are from.  Most days my stats show that there are more readers from the USA than from any other country including my home country of Canada.  The statistics give anonymity other than what country a person who reads is from.  So for my friends and family, I have no idea how often you read or what you read, or if you read at all.

My blog began about three months after we moved from Canada to Panama.  I started it because it was easier to post photos and updates about our life on this site than to keep posting everything on Facebook or send emails.  I write most of my posts for mi Mama who tries to read every day.  It’s our way of keeping in touch, and rather than comment on the blog, she will send me an email or we’ll talk about (as a for instance) how she couldn’t bear to look at the pictures of the snake.   I know if I had titled the post “A Snake in the Campo” or something similar she wouldn’t have even have ventured to that post!

Regular readers will note that I try not to use the real names of people or publish full face on pictures unless they’ve either been published before in an open forum such as Facebook or I’ve said the pictures might end up on the blog.  And I have had people ask me not to publish their names or pictures and that’s just fine with me.   But the blog morphed into something else.  In an effort to make it accessible to my friends and family I kept it public and eventually The Public found it.  Even though I don’t consider it a “niche” blog it has become one of sorts.  Some people are researching a move to Panama, are curious about what it’s like living in Panama or just stumbled upon the blog because they liked a photo or two of Panama.  I now have “followers” that read, comment and have become blogging friends.

Now, let’s get to the stats.  The top post for In Da Campo (drum roll please) is: What Does it Cost to Live in Panama?  I’ve written a post myself and re blogged a post by Kris from The Panama Adventure and added some comments.  I had to go back and look at what this post was about.  I published it back in October of last year and I have a feeling that it is probably read mostly by people who are contemplating a move to Panama.  My hunch is probably 99.9% accurate because of the search engine terms that have brought people here; the knowledge that it is one of the most read posts will likely result in an amended post updating our expenses.  Not that they have changed drastically but it’s probably a good idea for me to go back and check them.

The second most read post is actually a page: How We Walked Outside the Carton.  Again, this page is probably mostly read by people who are seeking information about how to ease their own move.  I wrote this page as a diary of sorts.  When we were planning our move it was very difficult to glean any firsthand information on what the actual procedure entailed, how to go about gathering information and finding service providers.  I’ve amended this page a couple of times and added a bit that mi amigo, El Gordo wrote out about his experience.  I think it’s turned into something that is fairly comprehensive.  The page is a Canadian point of view of course, but hopefully it is of some help to anyone contemplating a move to Panama.

And finally, the winner of third place on the stats page is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep in Your Hammock at Twilight in Panama.  This post tells the story of the dreaded chitra and surprisingly there are several people looking for information about chitras out there.  I know because it’s also among the top search terms that bring people to the blog.  I don’t have any magical chitra remedy other than to wear bug spray or coconut or baby oil and use a ceiling or floor fan to keep these little no seeums at bay.  And for goodness sake, don’t ever fall asleep outdoors, during twilight in the campo.

Sunset in the campo.

Sunset in the campo.

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6 Responses to Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection ~ What People Read on the Blog

  1. This was a very interesting post, I will have to delve deeper into the stats page and see what most people have read. Although I must admit to already noticing that my most active post so far is the one of my husbands pictures from Rambala Jungle lodge 502!! Humph! Not a wonderfully written post by me! I’m not sure what that means??? Ha!Ha! Cheers Mi Amiga!!

    • indacampo says:

      I’m not much into digging through what people have read, I’m more interested in where they are reading from. 🙂 And the pictures were lovely, a little taste of Panama!

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  3. I look at my stats often, perhaps because part of my training included statistics and because I am still a new blogger (almost 7 months)…. I am always surprised about what draws the most readers and where from the web they come from. So far, most of my readers (and new followers) come through the Weekly Photo Challenges, just a few thru search engines from outside WordPress. When I started the blog, I had no idea how I would get readers, but the Challenges by WordPress are really a wonderful way of getting connected with other bloggers….

    • indacampo says:

      The Daily Prompt actually prompted me to look at my stats further. I don’t think the stats will change the way I blog. I still enjoy including a little bit of this and that, making it both a personal journal and informational blog about things that interest me and that I want to share. 🙂 I enjoy the challenges, they allow me to experiment with taking photos or writing from a different perspective.

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