Traffic Jam on the Azuero

traf·fic jam

Road traffic at or near a standstill because of road construction, an accident, or heavy congestion.

In Panama the definition of “traffic jam” is los vaqueros, vacas, and a long stretch of highway.   This large group of good-looking beasties seemed just a surprised to see us this morning as they ran up the hill as we were to see them.  A few even posed for the camera.  Life is continually interesting in the campo, even if it means a few minutes delay getting to yoga class.

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3 Responses to Traffic Jam on the Azuero

  1. I am sure that was a nice roadside distraction… interesting cattle, by the way, and looking a bit skinny….

    • indacampo says:

      They are actually looking really good compared to what some of them looked like during dry season! They don’t use feed here, they just move them from pasture to pasture eating grass and dry rice hay.

      • I was wondering, too, why our cows here look so fat – undoubtedly, the grass is supplemented with grain, especially the time before they go to market (i.e. slaughterhouse).

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