Living in the Countryside ≈ Viven en el campo

campo   ≈    field (noun)

masculine noun

country, countryside (campiña)

  • en mitad del campo -> in the middle of the country or countryside
  • la emigración del campo a la ciudad -> migration from rural areas to cities
  • campo abierto -> open countryside
  • a campo traviesa -> cross country

Life in the campo has been pretty quiet as of late.  The most exciting thing to happen in the hood is that the new rooster from up the calle was recently seen perching with his harem on an old log on the corner, drying off after the rain.  For some, pretty routine, but for others such as this city girl quite cute.

This new rooster thinks he’s pretty special.  His closest competition is the older rooster down the lane that is kept in el patio.  The most the Old Cocka Doodle Rooster can do is yell and scream and then the competition is on.   This morning the new rooster took his harem for a walk and just for good measure flaunted the girls near Old Cocka Doodle Rooster’s um….roost.  Making for a loud morning in the campo.

Rooster 2


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