Tenacious Little Gato



doggedness: persistent determination.wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

I’m sure that Boomer wouldn’t care to be called “dogged” given that he is a cat, but he is one of the most persistent little cats that we’ve ever had.  Especially when it comes to fish.  It doesn’t take long for fish to thaw out so we put it on the counter for a brief time and then if it is still a bit icy we put the bag in water for a few minutes to thaw it the rest of the way.  

The other day before SU came to pick me up helping the little ones with their English at Buena Vida, SU put some tuna out to thaw.  When we came home Boomer was sitting on the counter looking  innocent.  As you can see, SU created a contraption; covering the bag with a bowl and putting ankle weights and a small medicine ball on top. That didn’t stop Boomer from wanting to try to get that fish out.

IMG_5344 IMG_5346

SU finally took pity on him and removed the weights to see what he would do.




 Any undertaking worth doing takes determination, diligence, and stalwart willpower.  Tenacity is a virtuous quality to have if you’re trying anything that is challenging and takes a while to finish.  And sometimes by showing tenacity, you might just be rewarded with a little fresh fish, making life pretty good in the campo for one little gato.





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5 Responses to Tenacious Little Gato

  1. The Hook says:

    Fantastic shots!

  2. Kris says:

    Fresh tuna? I’d work hard for that too!

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