The Liebster Award ~ Wow, it’s a little bit of work.


First and foremost, I would like to thank Dystonia Girl for this lovely blogging award.  Please check out her blog posts by clicking on the link and giving her a lick like.  

To my fellow nominees, I shall be checking out your blogs and to read the answers to the questions posed by Dystonia Girl.   And for those who have read my blog, you all know who you are, and I am truly grateful for the time you take out of your day to wander over here.  Gracias.  

11 Random Facts About Me:  

  1. I was always the tallest girl in my class until I got to Junior High;
  2. I took swimming lessons as an adult and even though I love the water and can float great I’m still a lousy swimmer;
  3. My first real job was pouring drinks at a motor raceway, all the other kids kept quitting so I quickly moved up to flipping burgers.  I thought it was a cool job until I realized how I smelled at the end of the day;
  4. I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but I couldn’t learn to read music so I gave up that dream in Grade Six;
  5. I once had a female friend break up with me.  To this day I still find that a little weird;
  6. I am a horrible singer but I love to sing.  Something that is not a revelation to my friends and family;
  7. One of my first loves was Daniel Boone.  It didn’t matter that he was a television character and old enough to be my father;
  8. One of my parish priests once told me that I should be a teacher.  I had three young children at the time.  I think teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, well, besides being a stay at home mom.  Kudos to teachers out there;
  9. I always thought that I was a dog person until we got cats.  Now I love them both, but cats are easier to care for and don’t smell.  Sorry dog people;
  10. I once dated Donny Osmond.  Nah, that’s not true, but I really, really wanted to when I was in Elementary School; and
  11. My dream car is a Volvo.  And now they have an SUV.  One day I hope to realize the dream.  Whoot, whoot! 

And now to the questions.  Here it goes:  

1. Pizza or Indian?  East Indian, definitely.

2. Write a review of a favourite restaurant, in three lines.  I have to make this one a two parter.  

First a favorite restaurant from home.   I would say my favorite meal from home is New Asian Village.  It has a huge buffet and buffet is always lovely.   The naan bread is to die for and they always have a good variety. 

Second a favorite restaurant from Home is Pasta e Vino.  Danilo and Elena, the owners are charming hosts.  The food is reasonably priced and tastes delicious.  And bonus, it’s at the end of our street.

3. Favourite piece of kit? And why?  Right now, at this moment, my favorite piece of kit would be my raincoat and umbrella because Wet Season had definitely arrived. 

4. Tell me about three things you’d like to achieve in the next three years.   Wow, “achieve” is such a strong word.  I would like to be able to learn enough Spanish so that I can carry on a conversation without stopping to think about the proper words.  Second, I would like to do more travelling around Central America and perhaps back to the Cook Islands.  Third, get my family to come visit us in Panama.  Hopefully this won’t take three years.

5. Tell me a joke (clean only please!). What do you call a person who farts in private?    A private tooter.  Bah, dum,dum.

6. Lottery win? Spend it or save it? This is an easy one.  Spend on all my family and make sure my kids are well taken care of, but not all of it.  I’d have to invest at least a portion of it.

7. Think about yourself. Three strengths?  My ability to adapt, improvise and overcome.  I can be spontaneous when required.  My mind is full of useless information, tidbits of this and that, but I love to learn.  For instance Liebster means sweetheart, beloved person, darling in German.

8. … And three weaknesses?  Sometimes I say more than I should instead of keeping what I’m thinking to myself.  I’m undisciplined when it comes to exercise.  I can also be very stubborn.

9. What’s your favorite place, and why?  My favorite place is the Cook Islands.  Sun, sand and clear blue water that goes on forever.  Bliss.

10. If your house was on fire (and family, friends, pets and horses were safe), what would you save?  If my family, friends and pets were out of the house I wouldn’t have to save anything.  The rest is only stuff.

11. What inspires you?  My mom and her independence and strength.  This is also where I get my stubbornness from.   

My Nominated Blogs In No Particular Order: 

Front Porches and Candlelight ~ Marissa doesn’t blog frequently but when she does it’s often about something deeply personal.  She found my blog first and I’m glad.  I appreciate her honesty and often her posts make me look within myself. 

Winning Shots ~ I don’t know if this is a cheat or not but this is Marrisa’s photo blog.  Really, go visit.  I love pictures, what can I say? 

Finding Myself in Panama ~ Joel blogs about his new life in David, Panama with his lovely wife Kris.  They have both become blogging friends of mine but Kris has too many followers for the Liebster, so Joel is flying solo on this one.  Read the title of his blog, you can put the emphasis on the words in different ways to come up with diverse meanings.  

Miss Romania and her Serendipity ~ I’d visit this site just for some virtual dessert.  I find some scrumptious pictures, even when they aren’t of what she’s eaten that day.  Her travels through Europe make me want to visit it again and hit all the spots I missed the first time. 

One More Good Adventure ~ Richard transplanted himself from a life at sea to the hills around the Boquerón area.  There is still a little bit of salt left in the Old Salt, and I like that. 

The Beauty Along the Road ~ Annette is another deep thinker. My mother in law is originally from Germany like Annette, so I like to think I understand the “tone” of some of her posts and comments.  If you want to see some beautiful, thoughtfully taken photographs and interesting stories, pay her a visit. 

Stepping Ways ~  This adventurous young lady is off to take over the world and captures some lovely photos to go along with her exploits. 

Chapter 3 – Retirement in Panama ~  I love to read about people starting their new life as Panama retirees.   From the blog’s “The Beginning” page; “I said that it felt like we were leaving home, not returning home.” This follows my feelings of Home versus homeWelcome Home, Cindy and David. 

Loca Gringa ~ “Where common sense ends, the Dominican Republic begins! Listen to the palms…”  Yes, that’s Loca.  Like me a Prairie Gurl, although from Manitoba and I have to give her props for embarking on her adventure as a single woman. 

a Hole in the Head: ~ Why; because; “This blog isn’t about anything in particular.”  I like blogs about nothing in particular, I like them a lot. 

Drop in the Bucket ~ I hadn’t checked in with this blog for a few months and I truly can’t remember how I ever found it.  I think what drew me in the first time was the tag line “this is us”.  And maybe it was their cute little doggie Chloe, or the pictures of food, or that the writer is an ex pat Canadian living in Australia and soon, baby makes four.

And now for the nominees, it’s all up to you now to keep the love going, here are the rules: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  5. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
  6. Go to each bloggers’ page and let them know you have nominated them. 

Here are the 11 questions: 

  1. When was the last time someone made you laugh really hard?
  2. When you woke up this morning, what was the first thought that ran through your head? (Skip to the second thing if the first isn’t clean!)
  3. Look behind you, what do you see?
  4. What is the most important thing about you and why?
  5. What country (that you haven’t been to) would you love to visit and why?
  6. Think of the stupidest thing you have ever done and share it with us.  Okay, maybe the second stupidest thing.
  7. Dog, cat or fish and why?
  8. Do you speak another language, what is it, and if you don’t, what language would you like to learn and why?
  9. One word to describe yourself.
  10. What was the best present you ever received and why?
  11. What is the first word that comes to mind when you see fireworks?


    liebster (Photo credit: mrsrachelsbooth)












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5 Responses to The Liebster Award ~ Wow, it’s a little bit of work.

  1. oldsalt1942 says:

    Thanks for the nomination. I hope this isn’t like some chain-mail thing where if I don’t participate something horrible is going to happen within the next three days. It’s not as if I have an aversion to things like the Liebster Award. I need to spend the time it would take to answer questions, think up new ones, etc. to market my book and I’m seriously handicapped. You see, I have a very bad case of ADOLAP. (That’s Attention Deficit, OH LOOK! A Puppy!!! disorder.) Also, I don’t know where I’d come up with 11 other blogs.

    I do read your blog along with Kris and Joel’s, and some other Panama blogs. I find your’s interesting since you decided to settle in the Azuero instead of Chiriqui. Had I not moved here my second choice would have been around Chitre, Los Santos or Las Tablas. I liked that area very much, and I liked that there were fewer gringos there. After all, I didn’t come down here to spend most my time with the kind of people I left behind. But the area around David provides access to a variety of services I feel I need that aren’t available in the Azuero. But I did move to Boquerón rather than up in “Gringolandia” (Boquete).

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your adventure.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, it is a little bit of work, hence the title! The award came in during a rainy day for me so I took the time to complete all the criteria. Having done the research on the award though I see that many who choose to take on the challenge just complete part of it or nothing at all. I think the intention is to get people reading other smaller blogs. 🙂

      I’d be interested to see how you answer some of the questions that I’ve posed. 🙂 Stay dry!

  2. Just curious – what do you mean with the “tone” of some of my comments? Too brash, too bold? After 30+ yrs in the US, I am still German 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      I know the German “tone”. It’s not brash or bold but there is a straightforwardness or bluntness about it. My hubby says it’s because anything that is worth making well is made in Germany. My MIL says that Germans are a resilient bunch and often says; “Look how many countries it took to beat us.” And yes, my MIL has lived in Canada for almost 50 years and she still has the same “tone”. 🙂

      • That describes it well, I think. I never did learn to dress things up very well or beat around the bush…. let’s get to the point, be clear, and no games, please….Can you imagine me in a conversation with a typical Southern Belle? (Nah, me neither) 🙂

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