Faces of the Flood

Reblogging photos of some of the faces involved in cleaning up after the Calgary flood. Check them out!

Shaun Robinson

Today I went down to Bow Crescent in Bowness, again basements and some main floors of houses devastated. People are doing their best to get the water out as fast as they can so maybe they don’t have to knock down their property. The overwhelming support has been felt across the city with volunteers showing up on door steps to help with the clean up of random home owners. I would think this happens everywhere, but then again… Who knows. All I can say it is amazing to witness the community pulling together. So here are some of the faces from Bow Crescent. Please give it up to all the volunteers and victims, everyone is working hard.

Bow Crescent Volunteers-6997

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4 Responses to Faces of the Flood

  1. Kris says:

    From these tragedies, you are reminded of the basic goodness of people. I remember the floods of ’93 when we lived in Kansas and people came out by the hundreds to help their neighbors. And, it was the same with the hurricanes in Florida. If you are one of the ones threatened or affected, it sure makes you feel less alone.

    • indacampo says:

      Yes. This morning one of my friends was talking about the hurricanes in Florida. They live an hour away from the coast and still weren’t safe. Her comments brought home to me that I shouldn’t judge where people choose to live, only that we should have compassion for those whose lives are affected.

      • Kris says:

        There are a lot of wonderful things about Florida, but hurricanes isn’t one of them. They can go across the state and tear everything up all along the way. There is the joke that when one threatens, go to Nebraska. But, I lived next door in KS and the tornadoes are worse, IMO. Panama seems to be more free of natural disasters and nature related problems than anywhere I’ve been!

      • indacampo says:

        Yes, “free of natural disasters” should be added to everyone’s checklist of countries they are considering living in. 🙂

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