Dos Gatos and the Ferocious Lagarto

We were sitting on the back porch during Happy Hour the other day and Dos Gatos were playing out in the yard.  SU looked over and saw Dos Gatos playing with something.

Bandit flicked his head and it looked like he had something long and skinny attached to his nose.  Fearing that it was a small snake I ran over to see what it was but all that was on the ground was a stick.  Still Dos Gatos were looking for something and they were quite excited.  Soon a little brown thing scurried by my feet and Dos Gatos had their nose down at it again.  It was a small brown lizard and he was quite feisty.  One of them would tap him with a foot and he’d clamp on.  They’d shake him off, he’d scurry away, and one of them would have it attached to their nose again.

We have a catch and release policy at la casa and so I grabbed a glove for SU to pick up the little critter for deposit to the front jardin.  Happily all will live to do battle another day; because el lagarto feroz deserves to live well in the campo.

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