Revelations in the Lens ~ What Do You See?

Yesterday was a peaceful day.  After returning from our Spanish lessons we each did some chores around the house and took it easy.  After rain showers on Sunday night the day was lovely.  Later in the day we had a visit from some friends which is always a pleasant surprise.

As our friends were leaving we noticed a little bird like creature flying around in the front garden.  Mi amiga and I were taken with the smallness of it.  After I saw them on their way I dashed in the house to grab the camera.  What I saw when I got out to the garden was not what I was expecting.  And when I downloaded the pictures there was a real surprise awaiting me.  Remember, I was trying to take photos of something that was winging it’s way around the garden.  Often I end up with random shots of what I think is nothing:

123456I thought that I would be photographing a small hummingbird.  It was a hummingbird moth; but the most startling thing about the photos is the scene stealer in the background.

While I was reading a bit about these moths that look like hummingbirds I noticed that the larvae or caterpillars of the moth looked a lot like this:

Hummingbird moths hover like hummingbirds to drink nectar from flowers. And having stood out in the garden to photograph this little guy I can safely say that they also sound like hummingbirds.  Surprisingly Little Miss Bossy Pants wasn’t anywhere in the garden during the time that this fellow was out there or he wouldn’t have stood a chance.

The caterpillars are also very similar to some of the critters that fascinated my mother-in-law and I as we walked the path around our hotel in Panama City in January:

a b cI think I’ve got another mystery of nature solved with an added bonus of a visit from our little green iguana.  And that makes a day well spent in the campo.


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7 Responses to Revelations in the Lens ~ What Do You See?

  1. allig565 says:

    Amazing capture! I Spy…

    • indacampo says:

      At first I thought Eric had been taking pictures of the little fellow, he blends in so well! 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    Wow, how interesting! That is very cool. I’d never heard of such a thing as a hummingbird moth. I love the surprise iguana in the bushes 😀

    • indacampo says:

      And it was back this morning. Although I noticed that LMBP didn’t really know what to make of it… 🙂

  3. Soooo Amazing! Now that’s what I call a PHOTO_BOMB!! Love the green guy!

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