Dos Gatos Receive a Visit from the Vacas

Late yesterday afternoon during Happy Hour we the vacas wandered through the campo to our back fence.  We hadn’t seen them for a few days and we thought that perhaps they were sticking to their home pasture where there is likely plentiful grub now that everything is greening up.  I guess they decided to take themselves for a walk yesterday and come for a visit.

The entire herd is looking very healthy now that there is more grass to graze on.  I observed many of the mama vacas nursing their calves instead of trying to forage in the field.   It was great to watch them casually ambling around instead of trying to shuffle each other aside looking for a couple of blades of grass.  The cattle egrets were following close behind looking for insects stirred up by their heavy hooves.

The last few times that vacas have come to the fence we thought that one or two of the young calves may have looked for Dos Gatos.  Yesterday, our feelings were confirmed when we were actually able to see about four of the calves interacting with our boys.  One little red fellow was quite interested and never left the fence line until the rest of the herd began to move back through the pasture.

I recently read a story in the paper about animal communication.  As I got close to those little baby bulls and the lone female baby and looked into their big brown eyes I felt that they were a little happier now that there is more to eat.  I imagine that soon they will be locked away so as not to wander in the rice crop that is sure to be planted soon.  I’ll miss those little babies.  They are part of what makes life so interesting in the campo.


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4 Responses to Dos Gatos Receive a Visit from the Vacas

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    You can almost hear them saying Helloooo!

  2. Kris says:

    Aww, that is totally cool! I love the cows here with the soft eyes and big ears, and how interesting that they want to see the cats.

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