Yes, More Birds

I’ve been having a great time watching the birds in the campo and looking them up in my book.  That book was definitely money well spent.

Yesterday while I was out in the yard there were some Ruddy Ground Doves dining on insects in the campo.  These are the doves that we sometimes call crazy birds because they have a habit of flying through, yes, through the holes in the wire fence.

They are usually together in pairs but I noticed that there was an uneven number, five.  When I looked closer the plumage on three of them was definitely different from the other two.  I saw male with its brown body and gray head. There was a female a little lighter with definite, more noticeable markings on her wings.  The three others were not the color of the female or the male; three youngsters.

For the longest time we thought we had an owl in the hood.  When you listen here you’ll understand why. These little birds blend in with the ground quite well but I managed to get a photo.  Living life large in the campo birdwatching; life is good.

Ruddy Ground Dove Family

Ruddy Ground Dove Family


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2 Responses to Yes, More Birds

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    They really do blend in well, if you didn’t know what you were looking for you might miss them. Keep up the bird stories, I enjoy them!

    • indacampo says:


      Yes, they do blend in very well but not so much when driving down the highway and they fly across the windshield. Or when feathers are a flyin’ and you see a stunned bird that’s just flown through the fence! 🙂

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