Dirt Under My Nails

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny and we decided that it was a perfect day to get some renovations done in the garden.  Yes, once again it was necessary to chop, remove. add and move plants around.

We needed to remove three small trees from el jardin, a corotu  from the front garden, and two plumerias that we’d planted out back near the house.  There were also some bushes that needed to be cut back or tied up because had flopped over with the rain and were taking up great deal of space and a spreading plant that was taking over a corner of the shadiest part of the front garden.

The corotu out front sprouted as a volunteer less than a year ago and was now over seven feet tall.  These trees become massive and there would have been no room for anything else out front.  The plumerias were also planted less than a year ago and we probably could have left them where they were because they have a very small root system, but they also grow massive and would have needed constant pruning and would have eventually had to been moved anyway.  We do have one still left out front that is a more bushy variety which was the type we were looking for anyway.

SU had to run out and do some errands and while he was out ran over to a couple of friend’s house that had said they would take our outcasts.  Shortly after he arrived home and after I’d finished doing some housework and cutting in the garden our first friend arrived with a helper to dig out one of the plumerias.  A soft rain started to fall as they were working and progressed to a large isolated storm that was coming down hard.  I continued to work in the rain finding things that I needed to remove or cut back to give away to him while he was here.  Being a curly-haired girl covered in mud and dirt, working in the rain does not a beauty make me?  Si?  Total score for friend number one, a plumeria, a low growing plant with purple blooming flowers and a bucket of purple heart plants.

I planted a few more herbs out front, I’m going to have another go at mint as my first one isn’t doing so well, we had some culantro (a native cilantro) that needed a home and I had another piece of rosemary that I wanted to put out front.  The pink impatiens are growing wild again and those needed trimming back otherwise they take over the garden.  I then proceeded to the back yard where SU was putting in some new clumping grass in one of the beds.  We also planted some new hibiscus in the dry bed that we’ve been creating over the last week.

I was now thoroughly covered in dirt and another one of our friends popped by just for a visit.  His lovely wife is away now and so he came to see what we were up to.  We had a great visit and I sent him home with a full planter of maracuya (passion fruit) seedlings, some more of the spreading plant with purple blooming flowers and a whole trunk full (I’m not exaggerating) of purple heart plants.

I had sprouted the maracuya from seeds and they are almost ready to be separated and moved into larger planters or put into the ground.  Dusty had given me a larger vine, which I have kept in a pot until wet season and I had also thrown some seeds into that same pot so I have more than enough for my garden.  The seeds that I planted were from a yellow fruit but I don’t know what color the other vine will be.   I do know that they need a sturdy fence to grow on and I have a spot ready for it on the side of the yard where we lost one of our papaya trees.  Whether we get fruit or not they are a pretty vine and will give some privacy on that side of the yard.

While our second amigo was still visiting a third friend came by to dig out the second plumeria and take the corotu to a new home.   By this time it was late afternoon and all the clouds had pushed away the sun was shining brightly.  He wanted to get home and plant the trees right away before the heat got to them.  SU was very pleased that he managed to get everything taken out that he wanted out and they were all going to places where they could be used.

Another planting bed.

Another planting bed.

The dry bed.

The dry bed.

Dos Gatos around one of the palms.

Dos Gatos around one of the palms.

The ground had dried enough that SU was able to get the lawn cut and everything is neat and tidy once again; at least for a few days. My frizzy pony tail was sticking out from all sides of my head, I had mud smeared down my arms and legs and so much dirt under my nails I don’t think it’s ever coming out.  I read an article in January about a survey that was done showing women are most unattractive at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. I think 10:00 yesterday morning, in the rain was my epic point of unattractiveness, yes.   Mind you by 4:00 I think with the amount of dirt that covered me I surpassed even that mark.

At the end of the day, once everything and everyone sent on their way I crawled into the shower to wash the grub away.  I used my lovely homemade body scrub in the shower and felt that we’d put in a good days work.  Constant dirt under my nails and tidying things up in the garden, a day well spent living the life in the campo.


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6 Responses to Dirt Under My Nails

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    Your garden looks fantastic.

    • indacampo says:

      Thank you! Like a home it will forever be a work in progress.


  2. I love your garden & your dos gatos!

  3. Kris says:

    Damp curly hair, covered with mud and dirt? That sounds like my kind of friend! 😀 (and my idea of a good day)

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