And Then After The Rain…

The sounds after the rain after a large rainstorm like the one we had yesterday are quite interesting if one only stops to listen.

After it had slowed to a very light drizzle I took myself outside to listen to the roosters crowing, the frogs peeping and the birds making their chirping and whistling noises.  Little Miss Bossypants had huddled by on the fence underneath the roof line on the side of the house during the worst of the storm; a spot where she could keep her eye on interlopers trying to take over “her” garden.  By the time I wandered out she was drying herself off in her usual spot on the bush she likes to perch on.  I knew that it wouldn’t be long before there was probably a little action in the garden so I went in the house to grab the little waterproof video camera.

It was quiet for a while as she sat there and fluffed herself and tried to dry herself off but, before long a little male Garden Emerald was flying around trying to incite a riot.    He did settle for a time on one of the other bushes but then came back to rile her up some more.

After we had lunch I heard a racket coming from the field across the road.  When I looked out there were four larger birds flying around in large circles making an unruly sound.  They came close to the house so I thought that perhaps they were headed for the campo out back.  Sure enough when I looked out the back door two of them had landed right outside the yard.

I couldn’t quite tell what they were from where I was standing so I grabbed my bird book and carefully walked behind the shed to watch them.  At first I thought they were Crested Caracara’s but when one turned to the side I saw that it had some long flippy feathers on its head.  After looking at the colors, the legs and the feathers I figured out it was a pair of Southern Lapwings.  I didn’t have time to grab the camera before they flew off but I found a picture on the web and if you go here you can hear the noise they make by clicking the “listen” button.

Southern Lapwing_2013

I know that I amuse SU to no end with my quest to figure out what the flora and fauna are in and around the burg but I enjoy it.  Discovering something that you’ve never seen before and figuring out what it’s called is what makes life in the campo enjoyable.



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3 Responses to And Then After The Rain…

  1. Kris says:

    LMBP is becoming a worldwide sensation! photos, stories, videos… who would have thought?
    That link you posted to listen to the southern lapwings is great. I’ll have to explore it further and see what I can learn about more birds. Thanks!

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, as you can tell I’m quite enamored with LMBP. And I too am going to take a better look at that website. It looks like it has some really good information on it.

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