Laughing Together Heartily

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve had a busy few days so I’m a little slow sharing my experiences.  Last Friday we spent most of the day in the garden and doing housework.  SU was finishing the latest border around one of the bougainvillea’s and a palm.  Now that the rains have started he’s happy that he’s got most of the dry weather stuff completed.  Maintenance in wet weather takes a little more time as the weeds and the grass grows a lot faster and we’re seeing it already.

Saturday morning three of us biked down to the beach shack for an exercise session.  It was a lovely day even though it was overcast.  There is a bit of road work going on in the development close to the shack and the beeping of the trucks could be heard in the distance.  Our observations were that it seemed that the workers kept moving one pile of dirt to one section and then would turn around and move it back again. It was funny.  After biking home and having a quick snack I went over to help Dusty and Erme around Smiley’s.  Smiley’s has been closed for a few weeks while they are doing renovations.  There’s been a lot of work done and an equal amount of dirt made.  SU came later in the day to see how we were doing and ended up “volunteering” to help with some painting.  He’s not the neatest painter and several days later is still wearing white oil based paint on his elbows.  It will wear off eventually.  Dusty has been helping out quite a bit to help get the restaurant ready for the grand reopening on May 28th.  Saturday night SU and I were pretty pooped puppies and fell into bed early.

Sunday afternoon a bunch of us went up to our friends for a casual supper.  I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy going there and going “up top” to the property that they manage.  It’s always nice to see the changes and on Sunday we had a visit with Miguel, the carpenter when we went up there.  Miguel is the artisan who put our wonderful new screens in for us and he’s such a gentle soul.  I’m only sorry I didn’t know that he’d be there I would have taken him something because he loves treats.

Monday I went with six other women to Isla Iguana.  I’ll write about Isla Iguana in a separate post.  I took many beautiful pictures and had a fantastic day with a great bunch of gals.

Toes in the sand of Isla Iguana.

Toes in the sand of Isla Iguana.

Tuesday we had another get together at Dusty and El Gordo’s.  It had rained so it wasn’t a very good day for hopping in the pool but we had fun all the same.  The food…and the food…and the food..  Oh yes, and the company…and the food.  Oh and the parakeets in the mango trees and lots of mangos.  We came home with more mangos to peel and cut up.  Whoot, whoot!  Mango season, it’s a good thing.

Wednesday I went with one of my amigas to Chitre.  She needed to visit the doctor and because she wasn’t feeling well I didn’t want her to go alone.  The doctor’s office is an interesting set up.  The receptionists arrive at 1:00, at that time people come by and put their name on a list to see the doctor who arrives at 3:00.  We ran around and did some errands in the few hours that we had to wait and then returned at 3:00.  When we returned my pal checked in, showed her i.d. and gave her phone number, the district where she lived and age.  The doctor was a little late in arriving but she was first on the list and so her appointment was at 3:45.  She had some test results that she wanted a second opinion on and the doctor called the other doctor that had done the tests with her in the room, and reviewed everything.  She told me she had a pretty thorough exam and she spent over almost 40 minutes with the doctor.  The good news is she only needed a prescription to help relieve her ailment and the doctor’s visit was only $30.00.  From what I observed the system  works efficiently with people returning around the time they estimated their turn would come.  My friend was very pleased with the experience and quite happy with the doctor who she called “quite a character”.

Looking back on what I’ve written it seems that the common thread connecting our days lately have been our friendships.  One couple celebrated three years of living in Panama this week, we are celebrating one year, Dusty and El Gordo will soon be celebrating two years.  We’ve had some laughs, helped each other out and acted as sounding boards for each other.  We’ve come together in different configurations with and without spouses.  We are all part of our larger community; I think there’s great things afoot, because even though life is good in the campo, we can make it a lot better.


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  1. I love this post , especially the photo of the toes!! Too cute! Dont you just love friends!! Life is good! cheers!

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