Dos Gatos ~ Yes, We are Mighty Hunters

Dos Gatos are pretty good hunters.  They like to catch moths, geckos, and yes even an occasional bird that is silly enough to wander close enough to their clutches; heck, they even like to stalk each other occasionally.  We are practicing catch and release with the birds and the larger lizards so there have not been many casualties in that regard.  Sometimes we even have to be mediators when it comes to releasing each other.  For instance this morning when I discovered that a couple of cushions needed to be thrown out and I put them in a big garbage bag:

I know you're in there.

I know you’re in there.

Come on out of there.

Come on out of there.

To the victor go the spoils.

To the victor go the spoils.

We have a large fern in the corner just under Spousal Unit’s hammock and several hanging ferns above the end of the porch.  At night we have a small yellow frog that comes from somewhere at that end of the porch that attaches himself to the window on our bedroom door.  We have a sneaking suspicion that little frog is living in the hanging ferns.  Boomer has taken an inordinate amount of interest in trying to climb into those plants that are just a titch too high for him to reach from the back of the chair.

9 IMG_2898

Yesterday SU noticed two little heads peeking out from the large fern on the ground.  Shortly after that Dos Gatos noticed those two heads.  They were the heads of two little lizards that had taken up residence in the large planter.  They chose a perfect place to hide out, it’s nice and damp in there and the foliage is very thick.  Dos Gatos started poking around the plant sticking their heads inside looking for the little critters.  Boomer was sure he was going to catch at least one and spent about an hour walking around the pot, slinking around and standing to look inside.

Come on out.

Come on out.

I can smell you.

I can smell you.

I know you're here somewhere.

I know you’re here somewhere.

I'm going to find you.

I’m going to find you.

Bandit tired of the game quickly and took up a post waiting for his brother to stir up something; he is perfect management material with Boomer being the employee.  Unbeknownst to both the lizards were following Boomer and kept poking through on the other side.  Sadly, the lizards were smarter than Dos Gatos.

Where did those things go?

Where did those things go?

Are you sure they didn't run away?

Are you sure they didn’t run away?

I'm a close up manager.

I’m a close up manager.

Score one for the lizards and zero for Dos Gatos.  For us it was an hour of entertainment well spent after a busy day and the simplicity of it was another reason life is good in the campo.


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2 Responses to Dos Gatos ~ Yes, We are Mighty Hunters

  1. Love your post about your beautiful dos gatos….they are so entertaining! i have two as well. Your plants looks very attractive & lush.

  2. indacampo says:

    Gracias! They are quite the characters. 🙂

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