Not Just a Mom

I called my mom this morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.  I didn’t send her any flowers or presents this year, at her request.  Instead I sent a picture of myself to wish her a happy day.  She was frustrated with trying to get it to “play” not realizing that there was only one picture and that there was nothing more to “play”.  Next time I’ll have to send more than one!

In our conversation she mentioned that she had found this lovely video on the web.  It’s an interview with Maria Shriver where she talks about her mom Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  On this Mother’s Day 2013 I’d like to share it with you as my mother has shared it with me.  It is a wonderful tribute to Maria’s mother but also a wonderful tribute to motherhood.


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3 Responses to Not Just a Mom

  1. Kris says:

    What a wonderful video! Thank you for posting this. I sent it along to my daughter, the new mom.

    • indacampo says:

      I was thinking that people can tell you what it’s like to be a mom but you’re never quite prepared are you? 🙂

      • Kris says:

        No we certainly aren’t, but somehow we all manage to make it work anyway. I think being a parent changes you in very good ways, teaches you to put someone else before yourself 24/7. Often I find non-parents quite self centered in comparison.

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