Un año en Panamá ~ Part Four

This is the last review of my old lists formerly posted to FaceBook before the blog.  This list is titled How I Occupy My Time Now That We’re All Unpacked and Set Up.  I did this list because there were several people who worried that once we got settled we’d be bored to death of sitting around and of each other.  It will be interesting to see where we are with this list!  Once again list in italics, comments follow.

How I Occupy My Time Now That We’re All Unpacked and Set Up

 Gardening.  This will be an ongoing project.  Already weeding is pretty much a daily thing here because everything grows so fast.   We’ve been fortunate that friends Geoff and Caroline have let us raid their garden for clippings and little trees.  Also, Gord and Carol have gifted us with a limón tree and four papayas!  Actually I’ll rephrase that…I think Gord had very little to do with the propagation of said trees!  Thank you Carol!  We also bought some palms and will be trying to get some grass seed going.  See pics added this week;

Gardening has and will remain a main part of our week.  We continue to tend the flowers that seem to have sprung overnight.  We have cut down on the weeding by adding sawdust to our front garden.   We still need to weed out back but the plants squeeze out most of the weeds because we’ve got so many in there.  Our little limón is growing well and the papayas are ready to have some of their first fruit harvested.  We’ve had many friends give us cuttings from their gardens, plants that they have started from seed or cuttings and of course the sawdust.  SU has hauled I don’t know how many pounds or tons of rock from the beach, made walkways and barriers, and laid gravel.  He mows our lawn planted from seed and runners at least once a week.  We are glad that we have a lot that is on the smaller side for our area; it is plenty to keep us busy without feeling overworked;

Housework, baking, cooking etc.  Living in a place with lots of sand and moisture the house requires constant upkeep.  Sheets and towels also need laundering more often because they start getting funky smelling quicker.  Dusting is a daily duty even if it’s just running a cloth around quickly.  It would be very easy and cheap to hire someone to come in once or twice a week to help out but I prefer to do it myself and I have the time!  There is always something that I need to use up so looking up recipes and baking even in the heat is something that I do often.  Yes, Lee Campbell…Betty Crocker has returned!  Sometimes I feel like I’m maintaining the same schedule as a hotel…muffin anyone….;

I’ve gone back to the type of schedule I had when the children were small.  I pick one big thing to tackle a day and run around and do the small things in between.  I still have to dust and sweep almost every day and do laundry at least three or four times a week.  In dry season the sheets and towels don’t need laundering as often but I still do them more than I did at home and will probably have to go back to every second or third day once wet season arrives.  I still make sure that SU has something to snack on and it’s usually something chocolate.  I have found a good recipe for bread finally and have mastered the art of the loaf and I usually make one a week.  The interesting thing I’ve observed is that we have fallen into traditional gender roles.  SU looking after the repairs and the outside of the house and me being the homemaker.  He still does cook occasionally but not as much as he used to;

Go to the beach.  We love just walking looking for treasure on the beach.  If it’s a beach day we will usually go to one or two beaches and take a stroll.  Eric loves picking up rocks and wood to add to the garden.  He says it’s his way of doing PT but I say it’s a good way to break a toe.  Good thing healthcare is so cheap here! We like to do something physically active every day even if it’s just puttering around the house but beach walking is great even on rainy days;

We still like to go to the beach although sometime I think we take it for granted.  We usually go at least once a week but we should be going more.  The sound of the waves, bird watching and having sand between my toes; life doesn’t get better than that;

The view from where we exercise.

The view from where we exercise.

Visit with friends.  We love visiting with friends and hearing how their projects are coming along.  There is always something going on and it’s great to catch up over a beer or coffee.   Especially when the breeze is blowing just right;

We still do a lot of visiting with friends and now I’m trying to get out with the girls more.  We have a ladies night once and month and we’re trying to get together to exercise at least three times a week.  We got out for supper, have people over or go over to our amigos houses.   SU has never been so social;

Hang out in the hammock with Eric, the kitties and a cool drink.  Can I just say that I love my Kindle?  I’ve read so many books since we’ve been here and it’s so easy to get them over the internet.  Nothing too cerebral of course, maybe I’ll be ready for something that takes concentration again one day…or maybe not…

I now subscribe to the Edmonton Journal so I can keep up with the news at home.  Technology is a wonderful thing and SU had to break down and agree to buy a Kindle also and reads constantly.  I’ve got a few books on the go but I get distracted by my magazine subscriptions and go back and forth between reading books, the newspaper and magazines.

NB – Fireworks…between the torrential rainstorms and power outage last night we had fireworks and music.  Such a festive country!!!!

There hasn’t been many fireworks lately and there have been electricity and water restrictions put in place because Wet Season is very late in coming this year. Panama is still a festive country and if there is an excuse to party the people in the burg will find it.

At the time I wrote this list I hadn’t yet begun to blog.  Mi mama thinks that I spend hours every day blogging but I don’t really.  I try to post every day because she likes to check in to see what is happening in my world.  Sometimes I will just post pictures of things that I’ve seen or a few lines about something that we’ve done.  If I’m providing information on a cultural event or something in the news it does take me a little time to talk to people and do other forms of research. Most days the words come easy to me. Having the time to blog, read other blogs and having the technology to do so is what makes life good in the campo.



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4 Responses to Un año en Panamá ~ Part Four

  1. Keep on blogging 🙂 I’m looking forward to have more time to blog 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Time It is a luxury that I don’t take for granted. 🙂 Even time in the hammock is not time wasted.

  2. Kris says:

    I got the same question – what are you going to DO all day when you don’t work??? It hasn’t been a problem. Our time is spent much like yours – gardening, cooking/chores/shopping, friends and neighbors, biking/walking since we aren’t as close to the beach, and blogging. Unfortunately I need to work on more hammock/reading time since I do very little of that, and I could use more Spanish study time as well.
    What a great idea to see what you said a year ago and then see how it compares to today.

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias! 🙂 And sometimes I wonder how I’m going to squeeze everything in! I don’t know how I ever managed to find time to work.

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