A Large Fire in the Burg

There are several beaches in our district but the immediate township area extends to Playa el Toro, Playa la Garita and Playa Arenal.  Earlier in the evening we heard the sirens of the fire truck as it sped toward Playa el Toro.  As the sun fell in the sky we looked out the back door and noticed a large orange glow towards the area where we get our ocean view when the tide is high.  This was the view from our back porch:


Fearing that the fire was out of control with the unpredictable winds we’ve had lately and not knowing how far advanced it was we hopped in the truck to see what was happening.

Once we got closer to the beach it was clear that this was a large fire that was raging  on the beach side of the road.  We noticed that at least one of the property owners had their water hose at the ready prepared to put out any fire that may jump the road.  The orange flames were raging through the dry brush above the beach area.

Not wanting to interfere with the work the firemen were doing to protect the house, B&B and Playa el Tora Restaurante we turned around to go down the road to Playa la Garita to see how far it had advanced.


It has been very dry in the district and we are in desperate need of rain.  This is the second fire that we’ve witnessed close to the burg in three days.  The best the firefighters can do with only one pumper truck is to protect any property in the fire’s path and hope that it will run out of fuel.  Wet season is late in coming and it can’t get here soon enough.


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4 Responses to A Large Fire in the Burg

  1. Kris says:

    Are fires unusual there? Here in the dry season it seemed like we were seeing fires all the time. Even more strange for me, coming from the US, people here didn’t seem to get concerned. Maybe a couple firemen would come out, but generally they just burned themselves out on their own.

  2. indacampo says:

    Fires aren’t unusual here. People light them all the time to limpiar around their casas and sometimes they get out of control. This one was obviously not set intentionally to clean up anything and was raging through the trees. It was headed towards one of the gated communities under development and was close to some houses with wooden fences. We could still see smoke yesterday when we went to look and it was hanging over the houses in another development. I don’t imagine the people in the fancy houses there were too impressed.

    There is only one pumper truck in town and it has to fill up from a well that’s on the other side of town so it kept ripping through with sirens blaring. That’s a lot of excitement for our little burg. 🙂

    • Kris says:

      I can just imagine the pumper truck racing back and forth! LOL I don’t have a lot in common with people in fancy houses, and maybe wooden fences aren’t the most practical idea? Here they are all concrete and metal and except for some rust, they are indestructible.

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