Dissecting the News

There are several news items outside of the burg that have caught my attention.   It’s been a while since I’ve commented on things in the news and I figured that today was as good a day as any so let’s get started:

1.  There’s been a book all over the news lately mostly because the author Sheryl Sandberg is doing a book tour.  The title of the book is “Lean In” and Sheryl Sandberg is the CEO of Facebook.  Apparently this has inspired Lean In circles made up mostly of young women who want to climb the career ladder.  A related article in the Wall Street Journal advises on how to run your family like a business.

I never was really concerned about “leaning in” but my situation was different and yet the same for many women.  Most of the “career” choices I made revolved around how it would impact my children.  As a military spouse whose partner was absent more than home I knew early on I was never going to have a big “career” despite the prodding of some of my bosses and even one of my parish priests.  And that was fine with me. For those of you wishing to “lean in” I wish you all the best.  And for those of you who feel the need to run your family like a business, I wish you well.  I hope you have a supportive partner as Ms. Sandberg appears to have and a stress free family life with beautiful children.  Given my time back I wouldn’t have traded the time with my children for a career nor had weekly meetings.  It’s the daily meetings at the dinner table that are important.

2.  And here is yet another issue for working women…going potty.

When I was working I don’t think I ever had a potty issue as some women do.   As for walking around to other floors and using other bathrooms other than the closest one to my office I have to confess, I did take a walk, often.  Not because I had anxiety about doing my “business” but because it got me up and out and not sitting at my desk all day.

I found this interesting; “My whole life was ruined because there was not a private bathroom in my dressing room at The View,” Rosie O’Donnell wrote in Celebrity Detox. “Now I could not go poop until I got home.”

To find your life ruined because you don’t have a private spot to poop, as Dusty would say; “Really? Really?”  That’s what makes us human; don’t we all have to go sometime?  (I put forth apologies to those of you who have an issue.  Perhaps you’ll be able to find a sound princess on sale somewhere or be able to program your phone to make flushing sounds.)

3.  There are a few Canadian companies in the news.  Tim Hortons has been voted the highest ranking brand name in Canada.  Globally it even ranked in higher in name recognition than Apple, Amazon and Honda, according to a Canadian Business magazine special report on the survey by advisory firm Reputation Institute, which was released mid-April.

Here are the Top 10 Canadian brands with my comments (of course):

Tim Hortons – A Canadian icon, good coffee, fantastic doughnuts and other yummy items.  Not as expensive as some restaurants or coffee places but nowhere near as cheap as Panameño restaurants.  Still, I miss you Timmie H.


Westjet – One of my favorite airlines as I have admitted before.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that the company is based in Alberta but it’s the airline staff and their attitude that make the difference.  And Westjet has very good staff.

McCain Foods – I miss you McCain French Fries although we have found a suitable substitute that works well. We don’t eat very much frozen food anymore but I do miss your Sweet Potato fries.

Canadian Tire – Do It works nicely in Panama but it can’t compare to browsing the shelves of Canadian Tire and finding something that you really don’t need on sale.  But CT has always been our tire repair shop of choice at $40.00.  Our tire repair dude here charges $3.00.

Jean Coutu Group – This drug store chain has stores mostly in Quebec and New Brunswick.  Never shopped there but interesting to note that there is a new store in Dieppe, New Brunswick and there’s one in Shediac.

Shoppers Drug Mart – Now this drugstore I know.  I rushed around trying to use my Optimum Points before we moved.  Farmacia Arrocha here is very similar but the closest one is in Chitré.  Maybe one day we’ll have one here.

Bombardier – Bombardier makes trains and planes but they also make snowmobiles, golf carts and those need hybrid motorcycle three wheel things.  Contrary to popular belief we Canadians do not run around on our snowmobiles everywhere in the winter.  Although some of us wish we could.

Saputo – Cheese, cheese, cheese…need I say more?

TD Bank – Wow.  Who would have thought that our bank of choice would make the list.  Once again, good staff, good experiences.  We have not had a problem accessing our accounts and have not felt the need to open bank accounts here; because technology is a wonderful thing.

Rona – I forget what I signed up for a long time ago but I still get emails from Rona.  There is some good information on the website and they have good sales occasionally. Rona was our “go to” hardware store.  It was convenient and Canadian, and they offered AirMiles.

4.  April 30th was the 20th Anniversary of the World Wide Web. http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/04/30/tech-first-website-cern-w3.html

Only 20 years?  Wow.  The URL to the world’s first website – info.cern.ch – has already been restored, and now the group will look at the first web servers at CERN and see what assets from them can be preserved and shared. It will also sift through documentation and try to restore machine names and IP addresses to their original state.


I’ll let you read through the information on the website and not repeat it.  I’m giving a high-five to CERN for offering the technology free of charge to the rest of us.  Although, I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t Al Gore who invented the internet.  I was really rooting for old Al.  After without Tipper all he’s got is his integrity and his millions to keep him warm at night.

5.  The round of Stanley Cup Playoffs has begun.  Wow, it just seems like the season started just a few months ago…oh yeah, it did.  Now diehard fans will not emerge until sometime in June when the last game takes place.  Once again the home town team is out of the race.  There’s always next year, or the next, or the next.  We do get hockey occasionally here, as it gets closer to the finals SU will probably want to watch.  A little Canadiana in Panama.


6.  And lastly; what is up with Americans and guns?  I know I’m treading on dangerous territory here questioning amendment rights etc. but wow…  I’m not going to touch the vote about background checks what astonishes me is the story about the five-year old that shot his little sister with his own 22 rifle.  I’m sorry folk’s guns are not toys and children play with toys that should not be guns.  Vicious circle isn’t it?



There’s so much more in the news; but I think that’s enough to ruminate over today.  Some days it’s nice to just hang around la casa and ponder on why life is good in the campo.


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8 Responses to Dissecting the News

  1. shellmcc1106 says:

    Great news recap.

    Too funny about Rosie’s life being ruined due to lack of privacy. Everyone has to go in the “public” toilets sometimes. Clearly she can’t roll with the punches.

    While I can’t get behind your love for Timmies – I find their coffee is too watered down and even if you get it black it isn’t strong enough. Plus the sweet smell of their stores is overwhelming to me. I’m more of a tea drinker these days anyway except when I’m in Central American and then you have to drink the coffee. 🙂

    I do love West Jet over Air Canada and Rona for their airmiles even though Home Depot does have better customer service.

    I would like to talk to you off line about TD and the service charges you would pay by staying with them. We are investigating if we will need to switch banks when we move. We currently use PC and when we needed to take money out on previous trips, we were hit hard with service charges.

    Terribly sad about the young boy killing his sister. I hadn’t heard that story, but it clearly shows that gun laws in the US need to change, in my opinion.

    Stay well and out of the news.

    • indacampo says:

      We are mostly Starbucks people but Timmie’s is much less expensive and Eric looovvvesss doughnuts. The things you miss from home you know. I’ll email you about the banking thingy. 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    I don’t know what’s up with us and guns, and the number of people killed by guns in the US is shocking. Apparently our freedom to own guns is more important than these lives.
    I feel sorry for kids whose mothers think career is more important than they are, and for the mothers who are missing out. I know women have tough choices but I think if you choose to have children, it’s only fair that you choose to put them first while they are under your care.
    The WWW sure has changed our world and our lives!
    I still don’t pay much attention to the news. There isn’t anything I can do about any of it and it’s mostly bad new anyway. Living here even just for these few months has made me wonder about the US too. We may think we know everything and our ways are the best, but in many ways we have it wrong and have our priorities all backasswards.

  3. I gotta admit, a big part of me is looking forward to falling behind a bit in what’s going on in the news! When I pay too much attention to it I just feel so sad. While staying informed is not a bad thing, I just prefer to be very choosey about my focus and I’m hoping to make my focus about the beautiful things around me . Although your humorous update gave me some chuckles and I don’t even know what most of those things are, never having visited Canada . I always love your outlook, thanks so much for sharing your insights! Cheers!

    • indacampo says:

      I think the closest thing that you have in the States to Timmie H’s is Dunkin’ Donuts but it’s hardly iconic like Timmie H’s is. We like the doughnuts mostly I can remember buying a half dozen and getting one out of the box and Eric eating the rest.

      It is easier to shut the world out here that’s for sure. The news from Canada centers mostly on politics, hockey and weather. The news from the States which we get most of here is much different. 🙂 And yes, I wish some days Eric would flick the channel over from Fox.

  4. Terry says:

    Hey, don’t forget about the Oil Kings, who are in the playoffs against Portland! Probably hard to get those games in the campo tho. 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      Nope, never get anything beyond the eastern US hockey wise. But the Oil Kings have done well the last few years!

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