Moody Monday




(of a person) Given to unpredictable changes of mood, esp. sudden bouts of gloominess or sullenness.

Giving an impression of melancholy or mystery.


sullen – morose – glum – gloomy – capricious

Since the pump dejó de funcionar on Thursday SU has been a rollercoaster of moodiness.  I have to admit that there are several frustrating things about living in Panama and one of them is the quality of some of the goods.  It didn’t help that it went kaput before a long weekend in Panama.

May Day/Labor Day is May 1 but often the government will move a holiday that is in the middle of the week to a Monday.  Which makes sense in many ways in Panama; it ensures that at least part of the workforce will get 4/5 of their work done this week instead of 2/5.  In other words it’s more likely that they will show up for the rest of the week instead of having the holiday on Wednesday and calling the week terminado.

As I mentioned yesterday the water situation hasn’t been too concerning for me.  We’ve still been able to function and water has flowed, just without much pressure.  This morning however; water stopped flowing around 8:30 on the Arriba side of town.  When we have the supplementary tank running we never notice these little water outages.  Without the tank and pump we noticed.  Needless to say SU was not pleased, nor was he pleased with the amount of pressure after the water came back on.  I didn’t want to tell him that muttering “seriously, seriously” likely was not going to help the situation.  My theory is “don’t poke the tiger”.  Luckily our amigo sent his plumber dude over to install the new pump and installation is taking place as we write this.  Thank you R, I owe you big time.  Hopefully the tiger will be more of a puddy tat when it fixed.

Last night the vacas ambled through the campo and to our fence again.  We’d already determined that they were eating the passion-flower vine from the other side of the fence.  Having decided that it needed a serious haircut the two of us went out and started cutting and pulling at it and throwing the pieces over the fence for the big, brown-eyed beasties.  The babies were having trouble getting anything but I was rooting for one buff colored one. When we were almost finished she finally managed to get a piece the larger critters didn’t notice.  They’ve now eaten all the leaves off the little coconut trees we planted and there’s not much left of the passion-flower vine.  Hopefully we’ll get a little rain soon and they’ll have something green to eat that doesn’t come from our garden.


This morning I noticed that one of our yellow lilies is finally blooming the front garden.  It’s so pretty I have to share.

Yellow Lily

I also enjoyed some more one on one time with our maestra de español this morning.  I’m getting a lot out of just talking for some classes and after nine months I feel like I can function well.  I’ve still got a way to go but compared to where I started I’m giving myself a big, “Whoot Whoot!”  Once again, it’s nice having some girl time, even in Spanish.  Today however; she did give us some homework to complete for Friday.  Darn, was hoping to avoid that.  Oh well, whatever doesn’t kill you…

I’m trying to master the art of video on the DSLR, I have to look at the manual to figure out how to keep the lens noise out.  That is my task today; I know it’s rough.  The hummingbirds are going crazy and the parakeets are so loud in the morning it’s amazing.  It’s all this and more that makes life good in the campo; even if it does turn out to be a Moody Monday.


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2 Responses to Moody Monday

  1. Kris says:

    I have to laugh at the vacas staring longingly at your plants. Of course it’s not my plants they have their eyes on. The yellow lily is gorgeous, and good work on the Spanish! Good luck with the water – you got it fixed, right? It’s been better here, hardly out at all so hopefully you won’t have many more problems either and SU will be less frustrated.

  2. indacampo says:

    They totally destroyed the vine on their side of the fence. I imagine it will be a recurrence every dry season but we actually put it there to block the development that was supposed to be started in January. So far…nada. It will grow back so no worries. ¡Esto es Panamá!

    The new pump much quieter than our last one. Fingers crossed no more issues!

    Gracias! 🙂

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