Never Say Never…Or You Might Just Get Burned

I’m being overly dramatic, I have to admit; but I did learn a lesson yesterday.  Never say never and always wear gloves while gardening or I’ll be feeling the fire.

Yesterday started out fairly usually housework, coffee, checking emails…o.k. you all know the drill by now if you’ve been following along.  I also did a little baking because our Aussie friends were coming by for coffee and it’s nice to have a little slice of something to go with the coffee.  I also need to keep SU in a steady supply of baked goods or he starts ripping through the house looking for something, anything with chocolate in it.

We had a nice visit and the fellows got some window measuring done.  Yes, we’re getting new, stronger screens to replace the slightly torn ones Dos Gatos have created while chasing various critters in almost every room.  The day continued after our friends departed.  SU was putting a few more feet of irrigation out in the front garden so he went off to Moreno’s to buy some plastic piping he needed.  He asked me to water the new sticks we got from our friends the other day.  It’s great, cut a stick, put it in the ground, keep it watered and happy and presto!  Soon, with loving care you will have a lovely new plant.  I decided to give a little fertilizer to some of the potted plants because some of their leaves were a little yellow and I did some general tidying up.

The front jardin completed I started on the back yard pots.  By this time SU had come home and while I was finishing up in the back yard he had lunch.  We decided that now was as good a time as any to remove some of the lower branches on the almendra tree.  Our little almond tree was given to us when it was about a foot tall late in the wet season last year.  The middle part is now over six feet tall and it was time to give the bottom branches the heave-ho.  With pruning the tree finished, I decided to thin out some of the Purple Heart that I’d planted around it.  The stuff grows like a weed and given free rein would take over the yard.  Almost every time I thin these plants out I give some away because it’s so pretty and grows so well.  But yesterday, stupid me I didn’t wear gloves.  I’m always after SU when he’s digging around to wear gloves and as I was pulling I was having a conversation with myself about the gloves.  Nope, stupid me didn’t listen to practical me and so; because there is always consequences to stupidity, I got tagged by a scorpion hiding in the plants.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  Those that know me well know I have a high pain threshold but this hurt dang it!  Not that I was screaming but it was painful, like getting shot of novocaine in my finger, but instead of numbness it was just throbbing.

My finger, the blood is where I got hit.

My finger, the blood is where I got hit.

I went and got SU who was in la casa and he went rooting around trying to find the little bugger.  Not but five minutes before that Boomer had been lounging in the same spot, ones of his favorites, under “his” tree.  My thought was better me than Boomer, again.  My second thought was better than Bandit, again.  Just a couple of days ago I was saying that I’d never come close to getting stung by a scorpion.  It’s the right season for them now; they’re looking for water just like the rest of the creatures in the campo.  SU said he would have screamed like a baby if it would have been him that got stung.  I just kept squeezing my finger hoping that it wouldn’t hurt as much if I did.  I might have squeezed out a little venom, because it really wasn’t that bad.  Alas, we had no luck finding the little s***.   SU sprayed a little insecticide around the tree base and we’re now going to remove the plastic edging from around it seed grass underneath.  When it grows in Dos Gatos will have a soft place in the shade to lounge in.

Boomer after his tangle with a scorpion earlier this month.  At least my hand didn't swell like his paw.

Boomer after his tangle with a scorpion earlier this month. At least my hand didn’t swell like his paw.

As for me I took a couple of Benadryl which made me sleepy giving me as good an excuse as any to lounge in the hammock for the rest of the day.  That little scorpion was under that tree because it was nice and damp and it made a nice hiding spot.  For me, getting tagged wasn’t as serious as it could be.  I’m grateful that I have a good immune system and I’m brilliant at distracting my mind from pain.   Despite getting burned by the fire the day was lovely and yes; life is still good in the campo.  I’ve just learned my lesson about never saying never.


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15 Responses to Never Say Never…Or You Might Just Get Burned

  1. allig565 says:

    Ouch! Did SU then say you will do anything to get a good ol’ nap in the hammock? 🙂

    • indacampo says:

      No, but he was surprised how well I came out of it. It was the darn Benadryl that made me sleepy. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Darn…..that sucks. Too bad you couldn’t find the perp so you could try the “remedy” It is grouse…but 2 people I know swear it helped. Not that I ever want to find out.

  3. Oh, boy! I gotta tell ya, the scorpions are one thing I’m really not looking forward to and now I need to go pack some heavy duty gardening gloves into my container, I’m sure I can find a nook or cranny to stuff them into!! Cheers!

  4. Kris says:

    Owww, sorry to hear of your encounter. Thanks also for the reminder to wear my gloves. I’ve seen a lot of centipedes which I hear also have a nasty bite. If an ant bites my foot I remember why I have the boots too, and it’s my own fault for not wearing them.

  5. pklainer says:

    Ouch indeed. I’ve never been tagged by a scorpion but I remember vividly putting my gardening fingers into a fire ant nest and having the stinging little buggers race up my arm. Gloves indeed!

    • indacampo says:

      It was so silly of me really, they are all over the place this time of year looking for water. I’m fortunate I’m one of those people that aren’t sensitive to the sting. I’ve heard of people having to go to the clinic in the pueblo and be put on intravenous drip. I will wear gloves from now on! 🙂

      I got bit by some of those ants during the first beach clean up we went to here. There was a nest of them in front of the cantina and I stood on it. Also not pleasant. LOL!

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: amazing that such a little thing could cause such distress, but there it is. You are lucky that your aren’t sensitive to the scorpion sting. Some people really are. Back in Peace Corps days a few fellow volunteers forgot to go through the shoe-shaking out routine in the morning and got stung on the big toe. Very sore.

      • indacampo says:

        We know someone who did the same thing. Why he wasn’t wearing flippies is beyond me but he forgot to shake out his shoes. He jammed his feet in and got stung, then his laces got knotted. By the time it was all said and done he’d been tagged five times. 😦

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: Ouch! That could be the worst “tagged by a scorpion” story I’ve ever heard. Can you imagine being the guy struggling to get the g-d shoes off?

      • indacampo says:

        And then he killed the critter and rubbed the guts on his bites. The theory is that the scorpions must have some sort of immunity to their own venom so you use them as the cure. Apparently it helped.

      • pklainer says:

        for Karen: Never heard that one, but will keep it in mind. 🙂

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