When the Tide Goes Out

Ebbing  ~  Caroline Spencer

 Half halting, as in doubt,
Creeping, creeping, the tide goes out,
Oft breaks, impatient of delay,
And oft returns a little way
To kiss the old gray rocks, and pour
Its largess on the sand once more,
So the tide goes out.

IMG_3006The slender grasses rank
Reach trembling fingers down the bank,
And cling the helpless mosses, when
The pitying water turns again;
And the forsaken cliffs look down
Upon the sands left bare and brown
When the tide goes out.

IMG_3019To hear a far-off sound
It listens close along the ground;
A call from the resistless sea,
A voice of dread and mystery;
Seaward the under-currents set,
Longing is stronger than regret,
And the tide goes out.

IMG_3008Whatever life it be
Hath heard the summons toward the sea,
Nor dread nor tenderness can stay
When once the ocean calls away;
Though every parting wave make moan
To leave the barren shore alone
When the tide goes out.



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2 Responses to When the Tide Goes Out

  1. Kris says:

    That’s really beautiful

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