The Common Cold

It’s a beautiful morning once again, the birds are twittering and vultures are out doing their vulture thing over the field and I have awoken with a cold.

I don’t know how it happened, just the other day while on the phone with my mother I was bragging that I hadn’t been sick in so long I couldn’t remember when I’d even had a cold.  Mom has suffered this week with a case of bronchitis and is on medication to help clear her fog horn like cough.  We discussed how her doctor told her she needs to slow down and not do too much because it affects her immune system.  Well, I’ve slowed down so much I’m almost going backwards and I still caught this darn cold.

I’m not on my death-bed or anything like that I just have one nostril that is currently running like a tap and is irritating the heck out of me.  I can also feel a bit congested in my right ear. So today, the hammock is calling me and I am enjoying reading a hilarious book on my Kindle.  The garden will wait until another day, although knowing SU he will be in there without me, hacking away at the jungle like growth.

Now, I’m off to see what concoctions we have in our medicine basket to stop the drip.  It’s bound to be a lovely day in the campo regardless of how I’m feeling.


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2 Responses to The Common Cold

  1. Hot tea with ginger, lemon and honey helps soothe a cold. That’s my go-to… also allowing yourself rest like you are planning to is another good medicine. Get well soon.

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias. I think I have some ginger tea, you just reminded me. Off to make a cup and have a nappy.


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