Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life ~ 31 Years

“What does your day look like?” http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/photo-challenge-day-in-the-life

Since we’ve retired to Panama many of our days look much like the day before.  Some would call them “ground hog days” we call them muy tranquilo.  This week our friends are away having a much deserved vacation away from their every day work lives and we agreed to help them out by checking on the workers they normally supervise.  They work and live down the peninsula from us and we took this as an opportunity to show fellow Canadians, Penny and Bob more of our home district.  This is my day today.  Oh, and it wasn’t intentionally planned that today is also SU’s and I’s 31 Wedding Anniversary but it’s kind of worked it’s way into the theme.

This is what life looked like 31 years ago today:


This of course would be SU and I.  In the background is my best friend and Maid of Honor, Wendy and slightly behind her is groomsman Bos.  From the left and behind SU is by GreatGrandpa, my Grandma, my Grandpa, and my lovely Mama.

This was my day today:

1.  Boomer didn’t sleep very well last night and so consequently decided that we shouldn’t either.  He tried to get us or should I say me out of bed beginning at 4:30, yes in the a.m.  I got up at 5:00 and threw some food in the cat bowls and begged for one more hour.  Finally at 5:50 I got up.  The day’s plans included a beach picnic so I started eggs boiling for sandwiches after the morning routine was completed.

Notice the time on the coffee maker?

Notice the time on the coffee maker?

2.  The gatos were safely outside or so I thought, and then I heard SU talking to a bird in the yard telling him he better run.

3.  After lunch was prepared, it was time to go pick up our Canadian amigos and prepare to get some business done and then some fun!

4.  Time for the beach!

5.  We took our friends to explore La Playita Resort.  I think they enjoyed the views and the various critters.  I asked one of the workers where the monkeys were.  It was their siesta time in the heat of the day and they were in the forest canopy in the hillside.

6..  After beach time we paid a visit to El Gordo and Dusty.  Prepare yourself for the awesomeness of El Gordo!  (El Gordo claims he doesn’t have a drinking problem but we’ll let the evidence stand for itself.)

El Gordo

El Gordo

7.  Soon after we returned home the sun started to set.

Sunset. 04_03_13

Sunset. 04_03_13

8.  And then we went for dinner to celebrate Aniversario 31.  The restaurant…Pasta e Vino.  4.5 Stars on TripAdvisor…but we think they deserve a five out of five.

9.  And after a wonderful day and evening, this is what we walked home to.

And that is why life is good in the campo.

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14 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life ~ 31 Years

  1. Allison says:

    Great day! Happy Anniversary, and here’s to 31 more!

  2. Congrats and happy anniversary!

  3. flexcouple says:

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a nice relaxing day.

  4. Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing part of your special day with us! Happy Anniversary. Was that realy the man I have come to know as your esposo??? No wonder you snapped him up. Cleaned up pretty good back then :)…not to mention how sweet and young you looked. Nice picture…thanks again for sharing!

    • indacampo says:

      And thank you for sharing at least part of our day with us!


  5. Loca Gringa says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thanx for sharing this special time with all of us.

  6. love reading about your life…..congratulations on your anniversaty!! and wish you many many more!! i have dos gatos, too, so i enjoy seeing what yours are up to. the chiwawa & the iguana photo is great!

  7. indacampo says:

    Thank you all for your good wishes!

  8. Dani e Ele says:

    Gracias por compartir vuestro aniversario con nosotros. Felicidades y besitos Ele y Da

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