A Good Day in the Campo

Today was one of those days that remind us that life is really good.

The day didn’t start off too auspiciously because we needed to get some insect control accomplished.  We’re getting to the end of Dry Season, the time of year when the scorpions are at their worst.  They are quite large and are looking for water so they come out of hiding from their rocks and crevices.  Dos Gatos seem to know that they are to look at not touch; at least now that Bandito has been tagged at least once.  We decided that since the spraying requires Dos Gatos to stay in the house for a few hours it might be best if SU sprayed before we went to Spanish lessons this morning.  Actually, I suggested it last night and surprisingly he agreed.  So he was up and at ‘em bright and early this morning and had our perimeter and the Vecino’s perimeter covered before we went to español this morning.  While SU was doing his job outside I was making a lasagna for supper.  It’s so much easier to get supper ready ahead of time especially when it’s something that needs to go in the oven.  Sometimes I’ll bake a dish on the barbeque but today I didn’t because I was confined to the house.

Our español lessons are going well.  We’ve asked to spend some extra time on irregular verbs as there are some many rules and different words to remember.  Dania our maestra has given us a lot of homework to help practice.  We’ve also been spending about half the class just talking about nothing much while she corrects our grammar and it seems to be helping both of us understand and speak better.  We’re quite happy to be plodding along and we’re managing very well with what we have learned so far.  Poco a poco and it will come along.

After lessons I moved my rosemary out of the garden and into a large pot.  The plants in the front garden are growing wild and it’s still Dry Season.  I’ve potted up a few things for Dusty’s garden ready to plant for Wet Season and I’ve started some seedlings that will be moved later.  I’m starting to run out of space so we’ll have to see where we have room!  We both did some reading and had lunch; nothing too exciting there.  SU grabbed a nap in his hamaca after lunch.  Isn’t that what retirement is all about?  While he did that I decided to do some baking and made a marbled chocolate and banana loaf.  I’m always trying to find ways to use bananas since they are so readily available and cheap here.  I’m really pleased at how it came out.

Later we decided that we’d have a little beach time so we drove down to Playa el Toro.  The temperature today is 31° but this time of year the water in noticeably cooler.  This brings in the squid and jellyfish so I kept my eye out for them but I didn’t see any.  The sand is horribly hot on the feet though!  I hate wearing my flippies and so left them on the beach only to have trouble finding them when it was time to leave.  Next time I’ll have to leave them by a noticeable landmark.  The tide was high and there were surfers at one end and fisherman at the other.

Right now it’s time for Happy Hour in La Casa, the radio is on and it will be club soda and juice for me, cerveza for SU.  Ok, maybe cerveza for me too, after the club soda.  Life is good in the campo.

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One Response to A Good Day in the Campo

  1. Kris says:

    Interesting about the scorpions. We just saw our first one even today. A neighbor had a dead one, and also a small snake, red and black stripes, also dead. She says there were found in the yard when it was being trimmed. She was not happy about either and insisted both were muy peligroso!

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