Back from Chitre

When I signed off yesterday I shared with you all that Date Night would be a trip to the movie theatre to see Duro de Matar: Un buen Día Para Morir (Die Hard – A Good Day to Die Hard).  We did indeed make it across the street to the movie theatre to pay our $2.50 each to see the latest action flick from Bruce Willis.  The cost with our Jubliado Discount would have been $1.75 but when the price is really low we don’t use our discount.  Though they are available, the business owner is not compensated by the government for any discounts and because of this we don’t use it all the time.  We each got a drink, shared and big bucket of popcorn and SU got some chocolate cookies (there were no chocolate bars) all for a grand total of $7.00.  If you’re following through the math, even though we decided to pay full price for the tickets our snacks and our tickets still came to less that it cost one person to see a first run movie at home.


The last time we saw a movie at Moderno Chitre the air-conditioning was up so high I had to pull my legs underneath my dress and snuggle into SU to keep warm.  This time I came ready with capri pants that I could make into longer pants and a pashmina to snuggle into.  Surprisingly the aircon was not as cold and I just need to drape my wrap over my shoulders.  As for the movie? I told SU I was impressed with how fit Bruce Willis looked for an old guy and we both really enjoyed the treat of viewing the rollicking, action packed movie. There were several movies in the previews that we thought we might like to see so we’re going to try to treat ourselves more often.

After the show we decided to have a snack at Freezees up the street.  Freezees is a fast food place that might have been a Dairy Queen at one time.  It’s owned by an American and offers club sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken (of course), hot dogs and various ice cream treats.  Last night for our musical entertainment there was an older gentleman playing the electronic keyboard in the brightly lit restaurant.  In the parking lot there was a group of young people gather taking glamour shot photographs, in the dark of a young woman in a long gown.  And there was a large group of families outside enjoying ice cream treats watching it all.  I don’t think any of this was thought of as odd other than us gringo’s.

SU ordered at club sandwich and fries and I ordered a hot dog and onion rings.  Freezees is the one place that I know has a Norte Americano style hot dog and not a Panameño salchicha.  Not that all salchichas are bad but they are kind of hit and miss.  Needless to say my meal did not disappoint while SU complained that we should have gone to the hotel restaurant.

I had a somewhat fitful sleep in our luxurious king bed at the hotel.  I’m not used to having so much room in a bed and missed having Dos Gatos come for snuggles and wet noses before bed and this morning.  We had a lovely breakfast served to us in the hotel restaurant by the young manager who spoke lovely English, even though we wanted to practice our español of course.  All the staff at the Gran Azuero are lovely and helpful and we would highly recommend it and will stay there again.

We got back from Chitre today due to a bit of fate and divine intervention.  We had a call from the Nissan Service Shop and were told that the truck will take a few more days to be completed. This is because the service shop has to wait for parts to come in from Panama City.  There are also two parts that aren’t anywhere to be found in the country and will take three months to arrive.  Good thing they aren’t for anything urgent just something that needs to be taken care of eventually.

Fortunately for us Vecnino was in Chitre this morning and we ran into him at the insurance office. He’d been hoping to drive in, do his errands and call us to pick up something for him that he didn’t want to wait for.  He thought that we’d be returning later in the day after waiting for the vehicle. We had planned to take the bus home but we decided that we would all wait for said item.  Of course the paperwork at the insurance office took longer than any of us planned but when we went to discuss the repairs for the truck at Nissan we noticed one of our other friend’s truck at the repair shop next to Nissan.  Said friend would be in town at the appointed time that the item would be ready.  So off we went back home.  It’s wonderful that our community of friends are always willing to help each other out.

We stopped in Las Tablas for lunch.  After finding choice number one, choice number two and choice number three closed we finally settle on a new spot called La Terraza.  It’s a nice little restaurant just off the main street of town that serves food cafeteria style.  It’s clean and cozy and very reasonably priced with the tipico Panameño choices of two types of rice, two types of chicken, carne and ribs with an added menu item of lasagna.  When Vecino and I examined the lasagna we were unsure whether the black things were raisins or olives but Vecino decided to try the dish with a side of rice and a salad, SU had rice, carne, a bit of ribs and salad, I had barbecue chicken, rice and salad.  Indeed the lasagna had raisins in it but Vecino didn’t complain about it just deemed it “interesting”.  All this food a bottle of juice, a bottle of Pepsi and a limonada came to $12.50; a carb extravaganza, but also satisfying.

Shortly after we arrived home Vecino came over with a big box that Vecino Jr. had taken delivery of while we were in Chitre.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday are delivery days for our mail forwarding service.  Today we received a big box of various items of mail that my mom collects for us in Canada and forwards on and some new pieces for the camera that I had ordered from Amazon.  SU and I tried to figure out how some new accessories work on the camera but I think it will take more than just few minutes of fiddling around.  And once again we received a lovely hand written note in our package from Mom.

We’ll be back to Chitre on Saturday to pick up the vehicle.  In the meantime we’ll be walking and riding the bikes around the burg.  I don’t mind, nothing is ever too far away, the sun keeps on shining and the exercise will do me some good.  Life is good in the campo.


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2 Responses to Back from Chitre

  1. flexcouple says:

    This might be a stupid question, but was the movie in Spanish? Just wondering if your Spanish is good enough for a movie, does it help you practice or is there enough action that you can get the gist without catching all the dialogue. I really enjoy your blog, it is nice to hear from fellow Canadians who have already made the jump.

    • indacampo says:

      The movie listings always indicate whether the movie is subtitulado (subtitled) or doblada (dubbed). We always see the subtitulado because it’s in English. In the larger theatres there is usually a choice of the same movie either in both forms so you have to be careful which one you buy tickets for. Our Spanish is getting better but we still enjoy watching things in English. Most of the English shows on television have Spanish subtitles and we’re amazed at how we can connect the English to the Spanish when we watch.

      Gracias and thank you for reading!

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