A Trip Outside the Burg

Today we are in Chitre about an hour from Pedasi depending on traffic.   Now that more of the highway is open it doesn’t seem to take as long and there is less bobbing and weaving from one side of the road to the other. 

Why are we here?  We’re here to get some work done on the vehicle, to watch a movie and to do a little shopping.  Chitre is located in and is the capital of Herrera province and is the closest town to us that has larger and more choices for stores and where the car dealerships are.  As we wanted to get five new tires for our SUV and have some preventative maintenance completed it was just easier to drive to Chitre and stay overnight.  It’s become a little mini vacation for us and it was a good idea in the end because it took half a day to get the tires on and balanced and it would have been too much of a rush to try to get everything done to the truck that we wanted done.

Once we were finished at Tambor the llanta shop we drove across the street to Nissan to try and explain the list of items we wanted looked after and completed.   I think the servicio woman was a little worried about how long the list was and whether it could be completed in time for us to take home.  Once we assured her that she could keep it overnight then SU was able to drive it right into the garage and show her everything that we wanted done. 

With that completed we walked across the street to the bus station to grab some almuerzo .  There are a couple of lunch counters and a small restaurant.  We ate in the restaurant at the back of the depot.  Since the food is all tipico Panamanian as in no fast food burgers we ordered fried chicken and rice and SU threw in an empanada.  The chicken was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, it was nice and fresh a juicy.  It might have been because I haven’t had any fried chicken in a while or because it was getting late in the day but it was sure yummy.

After we ate we hopped into a cab to try to see if we could get a room at the Hotel Gran Azuero our first choice of accommodation for the night.  The Gran Azuero is across the street from the movie theatre and within walking distance to the downtown area.  We’ve eaten at the Gran Azuero several times on other visits to Chitre.  They have what the call an almuerzo executivo that is very reasonably priced and delicious.  The cab fare from the bus station was $1.70 and accomplished very quickly on the ring road.  Our taxi driver was fortunate to pick up a couple of guests that required his services as soon as we got out.  The cab was very beautifully kept which I noticed immediately because I’ve been in some pretty crappy cabs in Panama.

Luckily there was a room available for us at the Gran Azuero and it includes use of the gym (we’ll remember to bring workout clothes next time), free wi-fi, use of the pool and breakfast.  After settling in we went for a walk down to Polo Mart because I forgot to bring my toothbrush.  I told SU as soon as we walked in that he wasn’t going to rush me in and out the door.  He went to browse around the hardware section while I looked in the household goods, where I discovered there wasn’t really anything that we needed. 

Later tonight we’re going to wander across the street to see A Good Day to Die Hard.  We haven’t been to see a movie since we saw Skyfall with the Vecino’s way back.  That’s a big change for us from living in Canada and we went to the movies almost once a week.  Tonight we’ll go pay $2.50 each and I’ll wrap up in my pashmina (they crank up the air conditioning) and  we’ll watch Bruce Willis and company kick a few butts.  Date night in Panama.  

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6 Responses to A Trip Outside the Burg

  1. I will be on the lookout for Chitre when driving to Pedasi. Probably cannot miss it, right? We saw a movie in Metromall when last visiting Panama, and yes, it is super chilly in there! Enjoy date night! That is the right way to do it. No stress or worries about getting back.

    • indacampo says:

      You have to go right through Chitre to get to Pedasi. Or use the ring road as going through can be a bit confusing for a first timer. Unless you want to see the mall and such which you probably should either coming or going to get a feel for what there is here.

  2. And another thing is I have a friend who is undergoing Cancer treatment right now, but when she is done it is her mission to go on a Fried Chicken Crusade. Sort of like the Bacon Man on a Food Network show here, she is searching high and low, near and far for the best fried chicken. In the US that is, but she knows when she visits me, if this chicken is the absolute to die for like you say, I will drive her to the bus station to try it out!

    • indacampo says:

      😉 I hope your friend is well enough to visit you in Panama one day. The fried chicken capital of the world!

  3. allig565 says:

    It was not that you hadn’t had fried chicken in so long but that it was just so good!!! After touring Pedasi and chatting with Michael about Costa Pedasi, we found the bus station and the chicken. Muy excelente! We also had ice cream at Mamallenas, lunch at Smileys and a smoothie from Maudys for road trip back! Lovely town that Pedasi

    • indacampo says:

      Well, as the books say there is really not much to do here unless you like the water. But we like it just fine and I’m glad you did too! Sounds like you were busy!


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