Rockin’ in the Jardin

I do not yet know why plants come out of the land or float in streams, or creep on rocks or roll from the sea. I am entranced by the mystery of them, and absorbed by their variety and kinds. Everywhere they are visible yet everywhere occult. ~ Liberty Hyde Bailey~

We’ve spent the last few days doing some garden renovations and visiting with friends.  SU has helped Vecino with some last-minute projects that he wanted to complete before he and Vecino Jr. leave for the Estados Unidos.

The garden has grown like crazy thanks to SU’s faithful watering during the dry season.  The next month it will be important to keep diligently watering as we are now in the driest part of the year before the rain finally starts to make its way down the peninsula.  This morning we woke to a grey sky but we know that it’s only the leftovers of a shower that the city has had, the rain hasn’t fallen here since December save for that light sprinkling a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been cutting and discarding and cutting and pulling and donating to friends and cutting and plunking things in pots for Dusty and El Gordo’s garden.  By the time wet season comes I should have a few more things for them to plant in their jardin and I may need to get the machete out to walk through mine.

We’ve put several things in pots around the yard and as usual we needed to go and get some rocks to put on top of the dirt in the pots so Dos Gatos don’t decide to use them as their litter box.  For some reason over the years we’ve developed a fondness for rockery and like to use a lot of it.  Part of the fun is searching for the perfect stones to use.  My quest lately has been to find stones that have been battered up against other rocks and smoothed by the tide.   They might not look beautiful to everybody but to me it’s the weight of the rock and the feel of it in my hand that makes it special.  I like to think that the forces of nature managed to produce what I hold and that it was likely a formed from a volcano and was large boulder or part of a mountain at one time.  But that’s part of the fun of living so near the ocean here.  We can go down when we want the feel the wind in our face and the salt spray in the air.  Life is good in the campo.

rock 1 rock 2 rock 3


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