A View from the Front Porch

I can’t believe that it is March already!  This morning has dawned gray and a little breezy ad we actually had a few spits of rain yesterday afternoon.  Not enough to water the plants but it seems that we are once again in a transition period, between estación seca to estación lluviosa.  We’ve felt the humidity increasing just slightly along with the temperature and the winds are starting to slow.  I’m happy that the breezes aren’t blowing so hard because it was wreaking havoc on the plants but I miss the cooler air they bring.

We had a bit of excitement again on the calle.  There was another herd of vacas wandering the burg.  I had seen them before sunset in the back field and I had a feeling we’d be having visitors.  I was sitting outside on the front porch after supper enjoying some nice fresh sandia when I looked across the street and saw what I though was a big box of something.  Until it started moving I realized it was actually the legs of a big, brown vaca.  And lo and behold she brought the rest of the family with her.  We recognized one of the locals who was driving his truck herding them into our neighborhood.  They must have wandered on one of the busier roads and he decided they would be safer down our way.  He ran them down the empty street where we could hear someone living on the other side of the fence shooing them over to the open field.

Vacas on the calle.  Notice the front of the truck that's herding them.

Vacas on the calle. Notice the front of the truck that’s herding them.

Staring down the empty street.

Staring down the empty street.

We thought they might wander back later in the evening but, as far as we know they stayed on the other side of the fence in the pasture for the rest of the night.

When I was sitting on the front porch reading yesterday morning and enjoying my morning coffee, I heard some drumming from our vecino’s house across the way.  The older children had gone off to school but the little one had a bucket turned upside down and with two sticks was pounding out a perfect rhythm.   As the baby of the family I can’t help but believe that his is a little spoiled but he sure is a cutie.  And he plays a mean drum.

Our little neighbor and his drum.

Our little neighbor and his drum.

As I mentioned in an earlier post our gardens are doing beautifully.  We now have papayas on the tree that we planted in front and I noticed yesterday how rapidly they are growing.  It’s still difficult for us to believe how fast things grow and what we’ve created in less than a year.  Yesterday, we were trying to figure out when we started planting things, what we started with and how much money we have spent to bring the rocky dirt to where it is now.  SU never thought that he’d ever like gardening but he’s taken to the weeding and the watering like he’s been doing all his life.  And this first season we’ve needed to do a lot of watering to keep things alive and get them established. Once we are through another estación lluviosa when we get to dry season in December again we won’t have to water so much.

Front papaya tree in fruit.

Front papaya tree in fruit.

Our plan this weekend is to try to get some beach combing time in, there is also a beach clean up scheduled for Saturday.  And I hope that usted tiene un buen fin de semana! Wherever you are…

Boomer keeping me company on the gato shelf in the front window.

Boomer keeping me company on the gato shelf in the front window.


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6 Responses to A View from the Front Porch

  1. This week-end is Prague! Enjoy the ocean!!

  2. Kris says:

    We’re getting a bit of rain here and there too, and a little more humidity. I’ll be happy to see things get a bit more green again. I love the cows in the street! Well I can laugh because it’s not my street or my yard. Congrats on the yard and the plants. You inspire me!

    • indacampo says:

      They generally don’t have enough room to get into our yard I think the little ranch fence deters them. And I think it is cool to see their big brown eyes although it’s always startling! I think once wet season comes we’ll have to start moving some things around or we’ll be lost in the jungle!

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