It’s a Little Bits Day

Yes, sorry no deep musings from me today just some observations around the burg and in life.

I’ve mentioned before that we get SKY Satellite for our television viewing pleasure. For some reason SU deems it necessary to turn FOX News on intermittently.  As an impartial viewer I find that FOX is anything but fair, balanced and unafraid.  Ok, maybe the unafraid part, unafraid of looking like doofuses every once in a while.  I don’t know what it is about that channel; I guess the hosts just rub me the wrong way.  Everybody except Shepard Smith, he’s the only one I can half way tolerate.  I find the commercials somewhat laughable.  This is the channel that brought you the 4.5 foot teddy bear that she couldn’t live without for Valentine’s Day (I begged for one and it never arrived) and is also flogging a book that explains all the evils of Obamacare.  Umm, shouldn’t the government have a free document available for that?  Discuss and explain to me please.

I’ve added some information on my “Outside the Carton” page for those of you who care.  El Gordo was kind enough to share some of the resources that he used when he and Dusty were planning their move here.  Yeah, thanks, could have used it when my emails went unanswered and I figured it out all on my own!  The list was created out of guilt (ahem) from the lack of assistance provided to SU and I and so no one will ever go without assistance again.  As long as you’re Canadian you’ll now have lots of information.  One thing of note in the new information is the material about shipping your pet.  El Gordo and Dusty brought their dear Miss Cassie kitty with them and so know the ins and outs of shipping a fur baby.  Again, check the page.  And who knows even if you’re not Canadian there might be something useful there for you.

We did some garden work yesterday.  SU finished his project out in the front and we did some weeding and pruning.  One of our friends also gave us a few bags of sawdust to spread down to help keep the moisture in the garden so I moved some of that around. Even in dry season that garden is growing like Jack’s Beanstalk.  We’re just so pleased that we’ve managed to turn our mound of dirt into something attractive to the birds, butterflies and us.  While I was working around a little plant that reminds me of heather I heard a loud buzzing and lo and behold it was covered with bees.  I hope that someone is keeping a hive somewhere because that flower would make lovely honey.

70 71 78 84 86We had another visit from the vacas on the calle on Monday night.  SU and I were sitting out in the back looking at the beautiful bright moon when we heard one of Dos Gatos hiss.  When I looked over to the direction it was coming from all I could see was two long legs which frightened the bejesus out of me.  Not enough to not investigate and to find six vacas munching on my red passion fruit vine from the other side of the fence.  They started to come through the gap in the fence next door and SU ran out to shoo them away.

51 53

I guess it worked for a couple of hours and then they ended up on the calle around midnight.  Vecina said there was an older gentleman herding them around in circles trying to get them back in the pasture and it was quite comedic.  All the neighborhood perros were cheering them on, or chomping at the bit to have a piece of fresh steak.  I was trying to sleep through the night without being woken by Boomer sitting on my chest so I must have slept through the hilarity.

I looked at my stats for searches from the time I started the blog.  The top three searches that brought people to the blog (besides searching for the site) are: Desfile de las Mill Polleras, Pedasi Carnavales 2013 and Desfile de Carretas en Pedasi 2012.  It looks like people are really interested in the culture and folklore of Panama, the Azuero and Pedasi.  I’ll do my best to keep on writing and taking pictures about the events in our area.  They are so much a part of living in Panama!

The kids went back to school on Monday after their summer break.  You could almost hear the “Glory halleluiahs!” from the mamas (except it would have been “Gloria aleluya” or “Gracias Señor”).  One of the vecino’s niños was so anxious to get going I saw him sitting out on the front porch waiting to go.  There were broad smiles on the faces of many of the women walking around town without their hijos in tow.  There was a feeling of merriment in the air, a kind of joviality it was almost palpable. It’s a new year, a new start, and a break for mama.

I was looking at the list of the top 20 prime-time programs for the week.  I didn’t watch any of them.  Not even “The Oscars” (formerly known as the Academy Awards). Not even the new, hip name drew me to watch it.  Why?  The only movies that I’ve seen in the last 10 months are The Avengers and Skyfall.  I’ve read about some of the movies but that’s not the same as actually watching them.  Castle, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS are all on the list but I haven’t watched them since we’ve lived here.  I noticed Spartacus isn’t on there.  SU watches a bit of that.  We had a debate the other as to whether the Roman’s and Slaves would have used the F Bomb as much as they do on the show.  I wanted to research it but was afraid of what might pop up in a Google search.  No thanks; I’ll just keep wondering about it.  The Pacific has also been playing on HBO.  I’ve now see that miniseries so many times I think I have all the characters names memorized.  There was a good documentary about Ethel Kennedy on last night.  It was made by and narrated by one Rory Kennedy who was born six months after her father died.  The children told stories about their father and mother.  SU and I both quite enjoyed it, it was light-hearted and heart breaking at the same time.

And finally for those of you still in the throes of winter, here is a link to 8 Great Places to Retire Abroad. Don’t worry; Spring is just around the corner, well maybe around a few corners, it’s still February after all.


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