A Little Excitement in the Burg

SU and I went out for supper last night to one of our favorite spots in town Smiley’s.  Even though we’d thought we’d been out and about lately we really hadn’t and I pointed out how long it had been since we’d been there.  SU loves the ribs there so we decided last night was the night.  When we saw the lovely Erme she pointed out the mucho tiempo had passed since we’d been there.  And then we figured it out it was indeed about six weeks since the last time we’d visited.  With the preëmpt to Carnaval and the aftermath of recovery we couldn’t believe how long it had been.

Smiley’s is one of the few places in Pedasi where there is live entertainment.  At least it is the only game in town unless someone is having a fiesta or fundraiser.  On Tuesdays and Fridays there is a band that composed mostly of expats although a couple of fantastic Panameño musicians drop by every once in a while.  The Smiley’s House Band plays exclusively on Fridays and on Tuesdays they welcome those with any type of musical ability to join them.  As I have no musical ability whatsoever that leaves me out completely.  If you want to know what is going on in our little burg, go to Smiley’s.  Have a cold cerveza and a burger or ribs and talk to some of the locals and expats, and stay for the music.  It’s actually pretty good for a band that plays for their dinner and beer.

Yesterday the big news around town was the Pedasi Olympic Triathlon taking place on Sunday in and around Playa Arenal on Sunday the 24th and the visit from Jungle Jack Hanna who dropped by our area to film some of his show.

John from Smiley’s was thrilled that Jack took the time out on his way back to the city to stop by and sign some pictures for some of the locals.  He said that Jack was just like he was on television down to earth and very nice.  While in the Pedasi area the film crew visited The Achotines Research Lab, Isla Iguana, and saw some wild sea turtles on the beach near Pedasi.

There are a few extra people in town this weekend.  It’s the last weekend before school returns on Monday, there is a big wedding taking place and the Triaton Olimpico y Sprint takes place on Sunday.

Triatlon Olimpico y Sprint Pedasi 2013

Triatlon Olimpico y Sprint Pedasi 2013

There was an Ironman Triathlon held in Panama City on February 3 at the Amador Causeway with distances of 1.9 km in swimming, 90 km in cycling and 21.1 km in running. Dubbed IRONMAN version 70.3 of Panama more than 765 athletes, national and international, registered to take part in the second annual event.

The Pedasi Triathlon is the second triathlon held for the season in Panama that is valid for national ranking.  The Olympic Distance is: 1500m  swim, 40km cycling and 10km run.  There is also a Sprint Distance comprising: 750m swim, 20km cycling, 5km run.  There is also a 2km run for children  eight to nine years old and a 3 km run for children 10 to 13 years old.  Everything kicks off at 07:30 on Sunday.  There are 165 athletes expected to compete here on Sunday.

There was a beach clean up organized on Thursday this week to tidy up after Carnaval.  We heard about it too late to fit it into the schedule but we plan on helping out on March 2 when they do another one to clean up after the triathlon.  There is a supper organized for the Board of Directors of the Iberoamerica Triathalon Association at Smiley’s tonight.  John and Erme are roasting a whole pig.

I’ve done a sprint tri before.  It was pouring rain that day and I did the swim in a pool.  I really suck at swimming and so I was glad that the water wasn’t any deeper than five feet. I imagine on Sunday that it will be another beautiful, blue sky day here for the athletes.  Hopefully the ocean will be somewhat calm.  One thing for sure, the burg will be a hoppin’!


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5 Responses to A Little Excitement in the Burg

  1. Loca Gringa says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, another day in the life 😀

  2. Kris says:

    My goodness, all sorts of things going on! Very cool

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, amazing what I can find when I just leave la casa for a while!


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