Internet and Radio

Did you know that 90% of men do not know the difference between a skirt and a dress?  How do I know this fascinating statistic?  I heard it on the radio.

We have a radio that we bought at Eddie Bauer many years ago.  It’s a water-resistant, am/fm/sw, emergency radio.  It’s a good little radio and it’s traveled all over the world with us.  We can run it on batteries or use the manual crank for power if need be, it has a flashlight on it and an emergency siren.  If we’re out on the back deck we like to have the radio on and we usually make sure that we turn it on around 3:00 or 4:00 when and English language DJ is on for a couple of hours.  There is also a cheesy entertainment report on from Hollywood around 5:00.  Sometimes I get a little ticked off at how mean-spirited the host is but SU finds it hilarious.

Lately, probably because the winds have shifted the reception on any radio in our region has been muy mal.  When the winds are blowing strongly from the North all we get is a bunch of static or as we call it “snow”.  SU will try every station to find something that at least provides some background noise; some days he is successful, others not so much. Most of the time he gets an English language Evangelical station and don’t realize it until the preacher comes on spouting fire and brimstone.  The other day it was a Spanish talk radio station.  It surprised me at how much I understood but it was also somewhat boring.

We can listen to music on the television through our satellite but I have to turn it up loud to hear it outside so I’ve started to bring out the little laptop for our musical enjoyment.  Our internet is wireless.  We have an internet stick from Claro and a router; having the stick in the router instead of the computer means that we can use our Kindles and computers at the same time. We bought our router from a computer store in Las Tablas and we are on a pay as you go 3G stick.  The router was about $70.00 and the stick was about $40.00.  Claro gave us 30 days for $15.00 when we bought it.  We recharge it every month by taking it into the Claro store in Las Tablas.   This costs $40.00 plus tax for 30 days of usage.  The Vecino’s have also been kind enough to recharge it for us a couple of times when we didn’t get into town in time.  This is done with Claro prepaid cards and a Claro phone.  We take the memory card from the stick and put into the phone to recharge as if you’re topping up the phone.  We don’t have a Claro phone and don’t want to have another phone, although eventually we may break down and get one just to recharge the internet.  For now we just schedule trips to town around the time we need to top up.

There are also monthly plans available for the Claro stick.  We understand the problem with this is that because Claro can track your usage with your account, the internet will slow down close to the end of the billing period.  Most everyone we know does the pay as you go because of this.  We used a Telus Mobility stick for a time in Edmonton.  We had so many problems with it we canceled it.  The reception was really poor and sometimes it wouldn’t work at all.  We did the monthly billing plan and when I canceled it the service agent asked if they reduced the cost would I stay on?  Why would I stay on with something that provided such terrible service?  We think that the signal from the cell phone tower was blocked by some of the larger buildings in the area.  Here we’ve had no such issues and the service has been pretty good even when using multiple devices.

With the world of internet radio to choose from we have a few stations we usually listen to.  630 CHED from Edmonton is our talk radio choice.  If we’re looking for some Canadian news and what is going on at home we like to listen to Bruce Bowie and then Dave Rutherford.  Oiler’s Now usually follows and sometimes we’ll listen to that for a little while but most of the time we’ll switch to a music station.  For our music we like to listen to a station streaming from Sydney, Australia 2Dayfm.  When we have the radio on in the afternoon it’s usually the next morning in Sydney and we enjoy the Kyle and Jackie O Show.  They’re always up for talking about anything and everything and the music is Top 40 and seems pretty current.  Although, living in Panama and not being exposed to too much English popular music, how do I know?  We also like listening to CBC Radio2 occasionally, there are some good shows during the weekend sometimes.

Having a good internet connection is great and it’s one of the reasons that we chose Panama.  Being able to keep in touch with our loved ones in Canada via SKYPE and email, having access to English language books on our Kindles and of course streaming live radio.  And…I can confirm that SU and Vecino fall into the 90% of those men who don’t know the difference between a skirt and a dress.  How do I know?  I asked!  Try asking the question to a man in your life; I’m sure you’ll get an interesting response.

This is one of my favorite songs playing on the radio now.  I know it’s a little Techtronic for a gal of a “certain age” but I like the message and it’s got “a good beat” as they used to say on American Bandstand.  Wherever you are today, I hope you have time to bring a little music into your life.


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2 Responses to Internet and Radio

  1. Ha!Ha!Ha! I’m cracking up right now because your statement about men not knowing the difference between a skirt and a dress! When I read that, in my mind I thought ,” Oh brother, Scott knows the difference!, that’s just silly!”. Boy was I WRONG! I just asked him, I am shocked to report that Its true! Holy Cow! That’s just too funny! I’m not sure why it’s funny, but Im not complaining about starting my day out with a good chuckle! Thanks for that one, Cheers!

    • indacampo says:

      Yes, who would have thunk it? I guess it’s just one of those things we take for granted! :) Glad that I could start your day off on the right foot!



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