Tending the Family Garden ~ Family Day

I was sitting outside enjoying my coffee on Saturday morning enjoying the quiet silence and beauty of the garden.  The hummingbirds were quite active in the relative coolness of the morning, the warbler came to visit on the fence post and sing his song and I noticed that the plants are shooting off babies everywhere.

I looked across the garden and the phrase “bloom where you are planted” came to my mind.  What I was looking at is a tree that has decided to take root and is thriving amazing well among the lemon grass. When it first sprouted we looked at it and decided to leave it to see what it would do.  We’re not sure what kind of tree it is but the leaves are similar to a type of flame tree that we see occasionally in gardens around here.  It starts out as a bush and grows to a tall tree with red flowers on it.  A seed pod doubtless blew from somewhere, likely from a great distance because we haven’t noticed any of the trees on our calle.

Bloom Where You’re Planted is a song from the album of the same name by Carey Landry.  When our children were younger I was active in our church’s Liturgy of the Word for Children.  Children between the ages of three and First Communion age would leave mass during the Liturgy and we’d have a special time for them to explain the reading of the day.  This helped them to understand it and make church more participatory for them.  I always loved using Carey Landry’s music during our little services and to this day several of his songs reverberate through my head every once in a while:

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom, bloom, bloom where you’re planted.
You will find your way.
Bloom, bloom, bloom where you’re planted.
You will have your day.

Look at the flowers, look at them growing,
They never worry, they never work.
Look at the way our Father clothes them,
Each with beauty all its own.
Each with beauty all its own.

Some plant the seeds that others will water,
But in all things, God gives the growth.
Come let Him garden the flowers within you,
Come and discover some you’ve never known.
Come and discover some you’ve never known.

Look at the love that lies deep within you,
Let yourself be! Let yourself be!
Look at the gifts you have been given.
Let them go free! Let them go free!
Let them go free! Let them go free!

This weekend is a long weekend in Alberta; a celebration of Family Day.  The extra day off on Monday is to encourage families to spend more time together and there are various activities planned all weekend.  I see this song as a metaphor for my life as a parent.  Our children are our flowers.  We planted the seeds, we nurtured them, they are beautiful and special in their own way, and they are discovering the world on their own.  Like that little tree left to root in our garden, they grow strong and tall, finding their way in the world. All we can hope for is that they know that the love lies deep within us and how beautiful they are.

Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day

Happy Family Day


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3 Responses to Tending the Family Garden ~ Family Day

  1. Loca Gringa says:

    Bloom where you’re planted … what a fabulous thought! This is going to sound a little creepy, but, jejeje, you are being followed 🙂 love your blog!

    • indacampo says:

      Gracias, I’m following you too. I forget how I found it but thought it was cool to find a fellow Canadian. And DR was one of the places we had considered for our new home!


  2. Loca Gringa says:

    I pretty much love it here. It’s not the safest place and certainly not the cleanest, but it is an experience. I find it pretty cool that another “prairie” girl is living the life in Latin America as well. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, at last, common ground 🙂

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