Carnaval 2013

Carnaval begins today.  It’s our first one and we have a lot to learn.  But here is what I know so far:

It takes place before Lent. Easter is a little early this year (March31) so Carnaval is earlier in February than it was last year.  It’s the party before the repenting for 40 days;

People have been stocking up at the supermercados so they don’t run out of anything while the party is on.  The tourists that come in are going to have to stand in the long lines at the cash registers for their beer and ice;

There are two Carnaval Queens in our town Calle Arriba – Upper Street and Calle Abajo – Lower Street.  The Queens have been fundraising all year to pay for their floats, gowns and fireworks for the celebrations.  They will also have princesses or Dama Principals who are also required to raise a certain amount of money;

The two sides of town compete to create the most beautiful and well-dressed Carnaval Queen, group dances and the most grandiose and impressive floats;

There are water trucks that patrol the town spraying people to keep them cool and keep the area clean.  Apparently it becomes one big wet t-shirt contest;

Panama Carnaval is the second largest carnival celebration in the world behind Brazil;

There will be discos and live bands throughout the celebration and a lot of drinking.  A lot of drinking;

It will be very noisy in town between all the celebration and the fireworks; and

It will all come to a close the morning of Ash Wednesday.

More to come…


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