Google, About and Not Feeling like Blogging Today

I didn’t feel like writing a post today.  I’m quite frankly tired.  I usually go to bed around 9:30 and I was up a full two hours later.  If you do the math that would equate to 11:30 in the pm; yep retirement has made me in to an early to bed early to rise gal.  I will make no apologies, living here in the land of twelve hours of light and twelve hours of dark keeping those hours is definitely the way to go.

My second excuse is that I got up a whole hour later this morning.  The Gato Alarm Clock didn’t ring at 6:00 this morning.  It didn’t even hit me in the head, I got up all on my own…at 7:00.  On a morning when Spanish class starts at 9:00 that puts a serious cramp in my morning routine.  Just figuring out what to wear from my drawer full of shorts and tank tops is a chore in itself.  Not to mention deciding what color coordinated flip-flops will go with said outfit.  And then there’s the whole armpit sniff test to decide if a shower is warranted before I force myself on the world outside la casa.

That leads me to Spanish class.  We’ve had fun the last two classes practicing how to hablar en español.  By fun I mean that we’ve swept all the conjugating verbs, learning phrases for household items and practicing numbers over 100 just to, yes, try to talk.  This morning however; our maestra and I agreed that I would zip my lips and let SU drive the bus, so to speak.  It was difficult not to jump in when he was looking for a word, but I did it and I learned a whole heap of new words.  And that folks would be called building our vocabulary.

After we came home I was so enthusiastic that I did my homework that I had for my extra habla clase on Friday afternoon.  20 sentences later and much dictionary work and it was finally completed.  My brain feels like it’s swollen now.

How does all this relate to Google and About?  When I get to a point that I’m not really sure what I want to do, haven’t we all been there, I Google.  Google is my friend.  The last couple of days I’ve been interested in what SEO means.  Why?  It means Search Engine Optimization.  Is it because I want to try to want to become the resident expert?  No, although that would probably be relatively easy in small town Panama.  How did I get to looking for it?  Here’s the story:  I get the Edmonton Journal delivered to my Kindle every day but Sunday.  On Saturday The Journal publishes the bestselling books in Edmonton and Canada.  There was a book entitled “How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” by The Oatmeal on the bestseller list.  Hmmm, says I is that the same the same Oatmeal who’s blog I read occasionally.  And sure enough, I went to the blog and it is.  Well, I was there so I figured I may as well peruse some of the articles and so I read “Dear Jack Steuf” and found several references to SEO.  I’m not a web guru so I had to do some research on what SEO’s do, it’s interesting stuff, but not necessary for my blog in my view.   So, that is the much convoluted explanation of that one. is another place I like to go to look for, anything really.  If you’ve never found at least one recipe on About, then you haven’t been cooking.   You can find anything from 15 Minute Fashion to Yoga and beyond.  And how fortuitous today when I clicked on to take a look at no particular topic one of the Editor’s Picks, yes, right there on the front page was “20 Skincare Tips Every Woman Over 50 Should Know”.  About has just about everything you need to know about well…everything.

So, there it is.  I’m tired, I’ve got to get excited about a workout on the beach scheduled with SU for some time around low tide, which according to The Tabla de Mareas 2013 is at 3:53, and I don’t feel like writing.  Hope you enjoyed my 745 words of my not posting.  Not quite 1,000 but it will do. Now I’m off to continue Abouting.


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4 Responses to Google, About and Not Feeling like Blogging Today

  1. kristc99 says:

    Yes, I enjoyed not reading your not posting. And, I figure blogging is optional so no explanations are required.

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