Another Little Bits Day

Today I offer you another post about this and that around the burg and in life.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit like this:


Which would be o.k. if I was actually born a sloth, because I think sloths are kind of cute.  So yesterday I was determined I was going to put on a video and do a workout in the living room.  I hadn’t decided if I was in a yoga kind of mood or a chirpy Kathy Smith kind of mood yet, but I was going to plow ahead with it.  I then asked SU who was sitting reading in his pj’s out on the back porch, as per his normal morning routine, if he would like to join me.  Shocker of shocker he said that he was just thinking that we should go down to the beach and have a work out!  Really says I, when?  In half an hour you say, that would make it well before your normal “get motivated” timing.  That works out perfect for me I’ve not eaten yet and can’t exercise on a full stomach.

The morning was glorious, the tide was out and the wind kept everything fresh, save for the bit of sand swirling around.  And it felt great to get the heart pumping even if I’m not anywhere near my fitness level at this time last year.   It was the kick in the pants I needed to get going again and I’ve promised myself I will try to do something at least four days a week.  Now that we’re finished doing most of the heavy lifting around la casa (except for the next project that SU has planned) it’s important to take stock every day and make sure I don’t plant my ever-expanding butt in a chair with my feet up.  Whether it be gardening, walking, biking or a nice hour at the beach I’ve vowed to treat myself a little better and get my heart pumping.

Another loaf of bread…still figuring it out: I would really, really like to make a good loaf of bread.  I did make a good loaf in the breadmaker last week and I guess I should have stuck with that recipe yesterday.  I found a recipe for bran bread (5 g of fiber, Mother Nature’s scrubber for the insides you know) but it failed to rise yet again.  So that’s 1 good, 2 muy mal.  I’m going to keep on trying though.  I was talking to Dusty about it yesterday.  I’ve been keeping my flour in the freezer and I think that may have something to do with it.  I noticed when I went to make sure everything was mixing right it was a little cold in the pan.  Next time I’ll warm up the flour by taking it out of the freezer a little while before I use it.  I have my doubts that it’s the yeast this time, I made pizza dough the other day and it turned out fine.  Ask El Gordo.  Stay tuned…if you’re interested.

We came home from Rio Hato with a couple of gifts:  That I would like to take this opportunity to share with you.   One was the gift of new friendship the other was a piñata constructed by one of Minga’s daughters Mari.  She has a nice little “mini factory” in her home and she is an artiste, there’s nothing preassembled about her piñatas.  The body is constructed from scrap cardboard and the trim is all cut by hand.  The string is red garden twine.  We haven’t decided where this Little Lass will be going yet but we’re not intending on smashing her to bits she’s much too cute for that.


I read an article in the Edmonton Journal about helicopter parents: And when I went to find the link in the Journal I couldn’t find it.  Because it was published on January 14th on  I hope I’m not paying for a newspaper subscription that just has recycled news in it.  Anyway, back to the parenting thing.  Although I tried not to be that parent I sure saw the phenomenon when I worked at MacEwan University.  MacEwan’s slogan is “We Have a Program for That”.  The website also has a tab for information for parents on the website.  Some of them obviously don’t read the information about privacy.  Yes, mom and dad, your “child” is now an adult, if they don’t want to share their grades with you they don’t have to and don’t expect the school to release the information.  Thank goodness for FOIP.   We also saw parents hanging around the campus all day while their child was in the first day info session, and yes, walking them to classes.  I would hazard a guess to think these are the same parents that are going to job interviews and calling in sick to work for their adult children.

I also read about people going to the library to check out a person: I thought that sounded so cool.  It made me ponder who I would check out if given the choice of anybody living or dead.  I think Ralph Waldo Emerson would have a lot to say and my Maternal Grandmother.  I would have liked to have known her better. I think my mom gets her quirky personality from her and I’d like to talk to the original.

We have a frog on the back porch: We’ve been letting him hang around for almost a week and he looks an awful like the Watchfrog.  Some days Dos Gatos don’t even know he/she is there and so we’ve left he/she alone.  Last night froggy came close to the door and was driving Boomeister crazy.  He spent most of the evening on his hind legs scratching at window as if he could get at froggy.  It was entertaining and kept him out of trouble for a good part of the evening.   Although SU kept telling him to give it up.  Speaking of Dos Gatos their new trick is to go in the bedroom door and come out the kitchen door.  It amuses them to run around in circles.

I have to admit that I like the pay-as-you-go cell phone: It’s really inexpensive.  $5.00 lasts me about a month, depending on how many calls I make and how much texting I do; which is usually not much.  Every time I go to recharge it I forget how to add the minutes.  After much frustration I managed to get ‘er done though.  What are annoying are all the texts that come with the prepago phones.  But, Movistar is giving away a trip to Carnaval in Penonomé if I just text them or I can get an extra 250 minutes free (that expire in tres dias).  No thanks, I’ll just stay home and I couldn’t possibly use up 250 minutes in three days.

And finally: Our maestra de español is not feeling very well.  Yesterday she seemed worse than when we last saw her on viernes.  She admitted she is tired but she also told us that one of her friends had passed away that morning, a woman that lives in town.  Her friend passed away at 5:00 am and the funeral was scheduled for 5:00 pm the same day.  It is the way we do it in Panama she told us.  Today there will be a prayer service.  We heard the church bells ringing late yesterday afternoon.  Ringing our maestra’s friend into the next life.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your ramblings with us. Reading this post made me wish I were sitting there chatting along with you. It sounds like life is good! I’m smiling for you!😃. Cheers!

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