Soy canadiense

Soy canadiense.  Every time I say that in my head I’m thinking “Where’s my flannel shirt and beer?”  It means “I am Canadian” in Spanish.  We practice that phrase often and we use it to differentiate ourselves from the other Norte Americanos.  I’ve never said I am Canadian so often in my life.

We Canadians are not usually flag wavers.

Sorry, couldn’t resist that.  Besides, he’s kind of cute, eh?

We don’t eat maple syrup for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we don’t ride polar bears, skidoos or moose to school or work, we do not live in igloos and hockey is an awesome rockem sockem sport.  I just read that last sentence.  I’m sending apologies to those of you who ride skidoos to school or work, like to eat maple syrup for breakfast, lunch and dinner and live in igloos.  I’d also like to qualify that as of this writing the hockey season has just begun in earnest because as the father in law analyzed it “the billionaires were fighting with the millionaires” and the players were locked out.

A nearly complete, medium-sized igloo. Note th...

A nearly complete, medium-sized igloo. Note the excavation under the door and the unfinished exterior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our former Spanish teacher  immediately summarized that Canada is frio all the time.  My Spanish was coming along a little better so I did qualify with her that we have cuatro estaciones and the árboles son hermosos colores en estacion de otoño .  And then I muddled through they all blow away and then muy frio.  I was getting pretty good at the Spanglish and pantomiming thing by this time.

I guess I’m just pondering my heritage these days because I look around and see what it means to be Panameño.  And it surely doesn’t mean freezing in the winter.  I’ll be trying to post a bit more about Panameño culture, at least as I see it.  After all, Carnaval will soon be here and we live in the mejor place to see it all.  So sit back with your warm woolies and I hope that whatever our experiences are that you’ll enjoy them.  Happy Monday!


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