El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton usually just called El Valle is a short turn off the highway and about two hours on our side of Panama City.  We decided that it would make for a nice side trip on our way to take The Folks back to the city before they flew home.

El Valle is about 600 meters above sea level and it’s in a little valley created by an extinct volcano.  We watched the outside temperature drop about four degrees as we climbed up the twisting road from the main highway and then drove down into the valley.  The one thing that is immediately noticeable when driving the road (besides the fact that your ears are popping) are the different varieties of trees and flowers.  Our area of Panama is very dry and brown now but El Valle remains green with beautiful pines, vibrant flowers and grand weekend homes with their well-manicured expansive lawns and gardens.

The day we went was a Sunday of a long weekend and it was absolutely crazy on Avenida Central where the public market is.  Think the town of Banff on a July long weekend, except without any stop lights and you’ll get some idea of the traffic that was running through this quaint little town.   The market is open during the week but on Sundays it really booms with vendors selling crafts from all over Panama, fresh fruit and vegetables and plants.  The last time SU and I were there we did the Canopy Adventure zip line and had an absolute blast.

Our day spent this time was just a short side trip.  We wandered around the market for a little while and the FIL bought me a lovely orchid plant.  I also bought a couple of mola’s that I plan on having framed and a large, beautiful, hand carved wooden tray. The MIL also purchased a bag of the first mandarin oranges of the season that tasted absolutely wonderful.  The ride is beautiful into the town and we stopped and took some photos of the valley and in the opposite direction the beach resorts in the distance.



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4 Responses to El Valle de Anton

  1. kristc99 says:

    I’ve heard about that place and hope to visit one day. Thanks for the photos! It looks beautiful there.

    • indacampo says:

      It’s too bad it was a hazy day. If it had been clearer I think the pics would have looked a little crisper. And I was so busy looking at stuff in the market I didn’t take any pictures there.


  2. Hi, i’m a spanish girl, i’m doing a web to invite people to visit panamá. I loved your blog and photos Do you want write a post into my blog about some place of Panamá that you liked it?



    • indacampo says:

      I’ve just looked at your site and I see it’s in Spanish. Would I write it and then you edit and translate it?

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