Life in the Winter Wonderland of Canada

As usual my dear friend Lee likes to prove to me every once in a while that she’s actually reading this blog and sends me a mile long reply to one of my posts.  In response to Thursday in the Campo she had to justify why staying in the Cold North is the way to go.  The following is my reply on her rational:

1)      Driving skills are constantly challenged:  Lee has never driven on Panameño roads obviously.  Those of us that live here know that we take our life in our hands every time we traverse a highway or country road, never mind just walking.   The vehicles have the right of way here.  I heard a rumour that there is no requirement to take a road test to get your driver’s license in Panama.  Someone who knows better can correct me if it’s not true.  Gracias.

2)     Only have to cut the grass 5 months year:  Ok we cut the grass once a week, in our shorts and flippys.  But we also do not have to shovel snow for the remaining 7 months of the year either.  Try doing that in your shorts and flippys.

3)     Don’t need air conditioning:  We don’t use air conditioning a lot actually.   Our current electric bill is $42.40 and that is the one that The Folks were mostly here for.  We do use our ceiling fans and occasionally a floor fan.  Air conditioning is for those hot, steamy nights with no air moving.  We also don’t use very much hot water.  The water out of the tap is never cold making for a nice lukewarm shower every time.

4)     No need for a pool: We don’t need a pool either.  We have an ocean a kilometer away.  If we feel the need for a pool we wait for an invitation to our amigos, or we invite ourselves.

5)     Conversation about all the accidents and rollovers on any given day:  Our conversations mainly center on what is going on in the burg and in the world news.  How can one live their lives focused on road reports?  We have seen one rollover and tried to puzzle out how and why on a clear day the fellow ended up in the ditch.  We’re thinking too much cerveza.   Oh, did I mention…$.45 a bottle?

6)     Can see who has come to your home by the foot tracks in the snow:  We can tell if someone has been at the house by the note they leave in the door when we’re not home or a report from the Vecino’s.  We can also hear them by the toot of their horn or the crunch on the gravel.

7)     Snuggling up by the warm fire:  Snuggling is over rated.  We sweat too much here to even think about it.

8)    Energy efficient furnaces:  A furnace?  Phhhhffff we don’t even have a place to put one.

9)     Cat stays around the house and does not want outside very often:  Have you heard about Gatonamo Bay?  We live at The Pen.

10) No mice, mosquitoes, bees, hornets or pesky bugs 6 months of the year:  We’re very lucky to have an AgroVet in the burg.  He sells nice chemicals, some of which are banned in Norte America.  I haven’t seen any mice even though we are in the campo, I think I’ve had one mosquito bite because they are so vigilant about trying to annihilate them here (Dengue Fever anyone), I would love to see a bee – they are our friends, and hornets/wasps we don’t bother with unless they bother us… but have you heard about the chitras?

Gosh I’d really hate to rip Lee out of her Winter Wonderland, she makes it sound so enticing.  I love my home country but if Winter is so wonderful why do so many people take vacations in January and February to someplace warm?  Oh, wait a minute I don’t have to do that this year!  Now I’ll just let Lee find her housecoat and her slippers, I’m off to find my flippys and my shorts!


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5 Responses to Life in the Winter Wonderland of Canada

  1. Lee Campbell says:

    Well you got me there friend…shot my flimsy justifications all to he double chop sticks. Ok I give , i was grasping at straws and you cut them to shreds. Cant think of any good reason for my Winter wonderlan AKA fridgid hell and car rotter salted highways, not to mention suspension breaking pot holes ahhhh but you already know about that.
    Life in ill fridgid casa is some times fun when your playing cards and drinking lots.
    Go to go and shovel the windrow’s left by MR. PLOW!!!!!

  2. kristc99 says:

    Someone needs to be in the winter wonderlands to take pictures and tell us about it, because some of us would freeze absolutely to death, and the only way we are going to experience it is through the pictures and stories of the frozen ones.

    • indacampo says:

      LOL! Most of the time Lee is using her sarcastic wit to perfection! She’s one of my amiga looking for a winter escape!


  3. Sharman says:

    As another fellow Canadian, I can tell you that first I’m sooo envious of you and to brighten your day, today in London, Ontario we are sitting at minus 18 celcius and with the windchill it’s minus 28 celcius. Enjoy your day in Panama because I won’t be enjoying mine here! LOL!

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