Feeling Like an Administradora del Hogar – But Without Power

Yesterday it was hotter than stink here.  Yes, stink folks, I’ve sent those words out into the blogosphere several times before.  The temperature was 31° with humidity at 69% and it felt like 41°.  Oh, and by the way it was vegetale day!  I was on my own this time because my usual companion Vecina has taken herself off to the big city for a couple of days.  And it was muy caliente standing out there in the hot morning sun. Yes…hot…morning…sun.  Not mid-day, not late afternoon, it was stinking hot this morning.  I managed to get the vegetales and pick up a few things at the Mini Super in time to come home to find Spousal Unit filling in holes in the piso that have formed as they have dried out.  Once the patches have cured he’ll put another coat of sealer on and we’ll never know there were ever holes.

For some reason or despite the heat I felt a little “nesty” like a real Adminstradora del Hogar should.  Before I left I did a load of wash and hung it out to dry and cleaned some windows I’d been meaning to get to.  When I came home I thought I’d like to try and make some rolls for supper to go with the turkey soup I’d made from the Thanksgiving leftovers.  I found a recipe on the internet for Garlic Rolls.  Yum!  I also made a good old Newfie (and our) favorite chocolate macaroons.  Both were very easy to make up until the second rise for the buns when we lost power. And we knew from the start that this was likely a long one.  We’ve discovered if the power goes out and then you get one or two short “blips” there’s an issue further down the transmission line and we’re toast.

What to do, what to do? The power went out shortly before 4:00 so we waited for a couple of hours to see if it would come back on.  When it didn’t, I decided to try and bake my already risen rolls on the barbecue.  We have a gas* stove but the igniters are electric and we didn’t feel like mucking around trying to light the oven.  Having never baked rolls on the barbecue I decided to turn the two outside burners on and leave the middle one off.  By this time it was after 6:00 and night had fallen aided by the dark clouds that came in from the North.  The wind started to pick up a good thing, as it had  remained hot and muggy.  The 20 minute baking time for the rolls turned into 40 but they came out pretty good with some monitoring of the barbecue temperature.  I had already made the soup so it was easy to reheat it on the side burner of the barbecue.

We try to conserve the batteries on the flashlights and lantern and it’s kind of romantic dining by candlelight.  I had package of tea lights from Ikea that we brought from Canada and we also had two small jar candles from Bath and Body Works and a few other scented candles.  The casa smells lovely when we have a power outage but soon I’ll be on the hunt for more because I’m starting to run out of candles.

We’ve been assured by other people who have been here longer than us that the amount of power outages we’ve been having is very unusual.  We’re very happy that one of the first items that we bought when we got here was a barbeque because it has come in very handy when the power goes out.  Having several flashlights and at least one battery operated lantern is a good idea too.  All our appliances have individual voltage protectors made specifically for that appliance on them.  Some houses have a main voltage protector on them ours doesn’t.   These protectors help protect our appliances from a voltage surge when the power goes out from changes in electricity flow which are constant here.  We only have to plug-in a small fan and you can hear amp up and down constantly.  Each protector we bought is well worth the $23.00 we had to spend on each of them.

The power was out for a little over eleven hours from about 3:45 p.m. to 3:15 a.m.  How do we know? The casa is dead silent when the power is out and it has a low hum when it comes back on and all the appliances start working again.  We were able to turn some fans on and sleep a restlessly for the rest of the night; and after all that we didn’t even get any rain.

This morning we have some trabajadors fixing some of the concrete up near the ceiling, something that we’ve been putting off having them come in and do.  We’ve been very pleased with our house but we had to live in it for a little while to see what needed tweaking.  Spousal Unit is starting to make a pad for an outdoor shower today.  He couldn’t come to español lessons with me this morning because of the trabajadors and he was very disappointed.  He’s enjoying our twice weekly meetings with our maestra as much as I am.  I came home this morning with homework for both of us and next week we’re going to start on dónde, cuándo, por qué, cómo  or where, when, why, how. We’re slowly expanding our vocabulary and looking forward to it.  This morning our maestra taught me some new words but my favorite was sudor.  And I taught her an English word; glow, which I told her was more feminine where we come from.

The weekend is upon us all and I’d like to say “Tener un buen fin de semana” or “Have a good weekend”!  Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Muahh, muahh!

*Gas is not the natural gas that we’re used to in Alberta.  We have a propane system in our house.  The gas tank is outside and changed out like a barbeque tank when it is empty.  Refills cost $5.00 for a 30 lb tank.

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