It’s Boomer’s Turn!

There was a beautiful sunrise today.  Unfortunately I was so busy enjoying it I didn’t grab the camera but I’m sure there will be many more to see.  It is also Thursday, vegetale day.  Where did the week go?  The visit was pretty uneventful today other than Herardo and the boys had a harem of lovely women around.  We were all trying to stay in the shade of the truck without stepping in the puddles because the sun was blazing hot.  I picked up the usual and a few things for mi amiga who is in the finishing stages of her house build down the coast.

As I sat down to compose this, The Boomeister as we like to call him, insisted on helping me.  And then he swore that he could do just a good a job as I could.  After all, if you do a search on the web there are several cat bloggers out there that are apparently very popular.  I know some of you are sceptical about what is produced with a cat’s paw other than destruction of the furniture. And I also know that some of you, who shall remain nameless think that cats are to quote “evil incarnate”.  But our boys are special, and so to reward Boomers tenacity let’s give it a go shall we?  (Just a note I’ve also let him choose the topic.)

How I Run Mi Casa Part 1 – by Boomer

Hello, my name is Boomer.  This is me:

This is my brother Bandit:

We were born in Panama that makes us Panameño gatos.  We don’t speak very much Spanish because our mom’s servants were Canadian, but we are picking up a few words from our servants.  We moved into our casa when there were still lots of boxes to hide and play in.  Now we spend much more time outside where our servants have built us a huge Catio and we can see the entire outside world.

Our man-servant built us a big climbing thing.  When we go up there we can see everything on the planet.

Our servants planted some gardens that we can play in.

My brother and I have two bedrooms and we use the second bedroom at night when our servants are hogging our bed.  We even have what our woman-servant calls our “poop box” in our bathroom.  Our man-servant says the room is for “guests” but we have claimed it as our own at least until we see what these “guest” things are.

We like everything to run in the house in an orderly gato fashion.  Wake up time is at 6:00 a.m. and we insist on our first meal at that time.  Sometimes our servants don’t agree with this.  If this happens we have to bite their fingers and butt their heads.  Once they arrive to prepare our meal I must help by climbing the kitchen drawers and singing. Bandit provides the harmony.  This ensures that there are no errors in the food preparation and it keeps the servants entertained.

After we eat we insist on helping our woman-servant with making the bed.  After all it has to be comfy cosy for the remaining part of our morning.  Sometimes, we must get right into the covers to make sure that she’s doing it correctly in good gato fashion.  Good help is so difficult to find these days.

Well that’s all for now.  I must groom to take my morning siesta.

Yours in Gatotude,


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2 Responses to It’s Boomer’s Turn!

  1. Dynah says:

    It seems that cats help to make beds all over the world in the same way!

  2. indacampo says:

    Well if you’ve got Gatotude or Catitude there’s always the feline way whether we like it or not!

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