Two for One ~ Snake Warning

Yes, it’s gross isn’t it?  But is it not fascinating at the same time…in the campo?








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Snapshot Sunday ~ 19/10/2014

We were at our friend’s house when this little deer came wandering into the yard, quite tame and placid.  I hope I never get world-weary enough to not be delighted by such a meek little creature…in the campo.


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Bending Sunlight

Although you may not see the Sunrise every day (especially during those long cold winter months), it is there every morning, 365 days of the year.  Most would think that Sunrise is the instant that the Sun first peeks over the horizon so technically, one can’t see the Sun before we see it. But in reality we do see the Sun when it is just below the horizon at sunrise and sunset. This is because of the refraction of the light from the Sun by the Earth’s atmosphere, it bends the path of the light so that we see the Sun at a point slightly altered from where it really is.  The time difference of the “actual” sun rise and sunset varies, and the closer to the equator you are the bigger the gap in time.

Red, orange and pink clouds happen almost entirely at sunrise and sunset; the sunlight becomes too red due to refraction for any colors other than those with a reddish shade to be seen.   The clouds do not become pink or red; they are reflecting long rays of sunlight, which are common at that time of day.

After a big rainstorm such as the one we had yesterday afternoon we are guaranteed a spectacular sunrise the next morning.  When the clouds linger in the sky the water particles and humidity refract the light creating a beautiful sky…in the campo.




See more photo challenge refraction’s

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TED Talk Thursday ~ How to Speed Up Language Learning

As a second language learner myself I find that the talk today expresses some very valid points. The points about learning by using the language, asking people how to say things and relaxing and learning by not being perfect are very relevant to me.  The more you try to use your new language the easier it is to learn.My thanks to my friend Kris, the master language learner over at The Panama Adventure for suggesting todayʹs video.

Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company created to catalyze advances in performance for people and senior teams. Chris has also established a distinctive and cohesive approach to education that gives people the means to learn language or complex understanding of processes in a short amount of time.


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Help Los Ramos Rebuild ~ Wisdom Wednesday ~ 15/10/2014


Today is Wisdom Wednesday and as you read this posted reblogged from Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua I’d like to quote the Dalai Lama:

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

If you think that you have a few dollars to spend for this worthy cause please do.  And read on:

Originally posted on Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua:

I talked with Ever Potoy today about his lovely community of Los Ramos on Ometepe Island. Because of 5-6 landslides, their community was destroyed. I am sick with worry for this community and I want to help them rebuild.

“Ever, what can we do to help?” I asked.

“We need candles and food,” he responded while on his motorcycle going to get some supplies.

That’s just like these humble, hardworking people to respond with such simple needs.

So, if you can find it within your loving hearts…let’s buy these people lots of candles and food within the next two weeks. Thanks for your help!

Help Los Ramos Rebuild

If you would like to learn more about this amazing community, here is their website.
Los Ramos

View original

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Snapshot Sunday ~ 12/10/2014

Ever since they’ve been kittens Dos Gatos have enjoyed hiding under the blankets on our bed.  Here’s the latest of Boomer:



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Dreaming of the South Pacific

One of our favorite places on Earth is the South Pacific, particularly the Cook Islands.  Although we live a mere two kilometers from the closest beach and admittedly SU took this picture of me  one January day, looking at it makes me dream of returning yet again to walk on Rarotonga’s sandy shores.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands January 2012

Rarotonga, Cook Islands January 2012

Click to see other interpretations of this week’s photo challenge “Dreamy”

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Talk Thursday ~ Dos Gatos Would Like You to Know…

One of the highlights of my week is looking for a video that I find interesting enough to share.  I know, my life may sound pathetic but since I’ve retired, well slowed down from formal work, I live in the “now” so to speak and life is much simpler.

This week comes from a recommendation by Dos Gatos.  They figured that since  I’ve spent a great deal of my time writing about animals and more specifically showing lots and lots of pictures of dogs that perhaps cats should get a bit of air time.  Those gatos usually get what they want…in the campo.


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Wisdom Wednesday ~ 08/10/2014

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson ~



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Los Animales Come Begging

Over the last few days I’ve posted about the Spay and Neuter event that took place in the Azuero last week.    It’s all well and good to talk about such experiences but it is vastly different actually being there and seeing the animals that come in.

For example on Sunday I posted a picture of this little puppy, he was adorable sitting there somewhat overwhelmed by everything:PuppyWhat I didn’t tell you is that despite having flea killer sprayed extensively all over his little body post-surgery, I found him huddled over against a wall, fleas still hopping on him.  My friend and I picked him up wondering if he had wandered from the recovery area or if someone had placed him there.  A young fellow came over and I asked if the pup had an owner and he said that yes, it was his.  We called over a technician and asked her to spray the pup again and showed the young man where the fleas were.  That pup had come in on a cattle truck from one of the small pueblos in the area about 30km from Las Tablas. The truck carried about 30 other dogs and puppies and a dozen cats and kittens.  This is the truck shortly after it arrived and partly unloaded:4123

Kitties7As I said, posting pictures and describing the sights and sounds of events such as this cannot compare to being there.  Seeing and smelling these frightened animals arrive tied to the truck or carried in rice bags, covered in mud, fleas and ticks; trying to control them while they wait in line with pieces of rope around their necks, hearing their frightened yelp when they are given the shot to anesthetize them, watching them lying helpless after being sterilized and checking on them when they awake groggy wondering what just happened to them.  Several of the females had obviously had many litters, one or two were in heat and several had severely overgrown, curling nails.8Many of the people on the Azuero are just being educated on how to care for their animals; the culture and life of a campesino who farms for a living is very different from what is common in North America and Europe.  Often times they have very little food or money for themselves and even though many mean well, they have animals for work or protection and don’t often know how to care for them properly.  Groups such as ours hope that by attending these big Spay and Neuter events we can teach our adopted communities that by spaying and neutering they are creating a better life for themselves and their animals.   Here is that same truck load of animals almost ready to leave:9With education and awareness in mind and the hopes to hold our own clinic in Pedasi in the new year, our group has begun a membership drive to help us earn the valuable resources that we need to help educate the adults and children such as these that took a tour of the Spay and Neuter day in Parita:1 2If any readers would like to contribute to our group by buying a membership you can leave a message for me in the “comments” section and I can send the information about various membership levels.  Each level will receive at least one sticker with our logo on it.  (If you think it’s silly to invest your hard-earned money in a cause in Panama I urge you to give to your local animal shelter or society to help support all the great work those organizations do.)

Decal Close Up

Educating people, especially the children in Panama is where it all starts.  Local governments are starting to understand that to attract business and tourists to their country they need to support the work of the agencies that have formed to help get animals off the street.  We know we’re in for a marathon, not a sprint, but if we even a few less litters of unwanted and/or abandoned puppies or kittens in the pueblo this year it will have been a small victory won…in the campo.

* Please feel free to share or re-blog this post with any animal lovers you may know.  And go to our FaceBook Page to “like” us.

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